Several weeks ago, in a ballroom packed full of brokers and managers at the Hilton Costa Mesa (just minutes from Tom Ferry HQ), we announced something very exciting.
We’ve added to our family!
Our product family, that is…
You might know about our Core+, Elite+ and Team+ coaching programs, each geared toward maximizing productivity among agents and agent teams through increased accountability, activity tracking and one-on-one guidance from an expert coach.
We had recognized a need for coaching on another level for some time.
However, we wanted to make sure we got everything just right before we attempted to fill that void.
Now is that time.

Introducing MGMT+

At our recent Leadership Summit, I was proud to announce the launch of MGMT+, an all-new coaching program we’ve crafted specifically for the needs of real estate leaders – owners, brokers and managers.
This first-of-its-kind coaching tier matches every MGMT+ member with a hand-selected coach with specialized expertise based on the member’s organizational objectives.
MGMT+ offers curated content around four core pillars of real estate management:

  • Growth – Attracting top-producing agents at the right time to facilitate growth without sacrificing per-agent productivity.
  • Profitability – How to implement best practices to ensure profitability while still offering competitive compensation, incentive programs and support.
  • Productivity – Establishing standards that inspire under-performing agents into action… or weeds them out to eliminate the “dead weight” that drags down your entire organization.
  • Culture – How to foster an environment that attracts top talent, seamlessly retains your best agents and makes people excited to go to work every day.


My Vision = Your Success

The vision for this program is simple – extremely efficient real estate companies building teams of motivated agents who take responsibility for their own success and perform at a high level. It’s about creating a supportive environment where success begets success, attracting top talent throughout the industry and retaining the best agents to build a real estate powerhouse.
MGMT+ members receive a variety of benefits in addition to FOUR monthly coaching sessions.

  • They can attend all Tom Ferry events FREE.
  • Their entire agent roster receives 50% off all Tom Ferry event tickets.
  • They are licensed to use Breakthrough by Design, my 10-session training system created to help agents run their businesses more efficiently, with more organization, with better dialogues – and ultimately, to make more money. This makes for a perfect ready-to-use agent training program… as well as a fantastic recruiting tool.
  • They can participate on Quarterly Group Training Calls.