Hey, thanks for watching. I’m going to cut straight to the point on this one. The buyers are out there in droves. They’re waiting. They’re dying for more options, but too many homeowners haven’t gotten the message, and instead they’re stuck, if you will in the old school thinking that’s actually preventing them from striking while the iron is hot. And that’s exactly what you need to do and be communicating now to your potential sellers.
Look, there’s no more need if you will, to wait for the so called “Spring buyers market.” Homeowners need to understand that that’s as antiquated as saying to someone today, “You’re waiting for a telegram.”
It’s 2020 and today’s buyers are different. In fact, move.com statistics show that people had begun their home search earlier and earlier every year documented since 2015. In 2019 February, we had the highest number of views per listing for the entire year of 2019. And January was just 1% behind. George Ratiu, the Senior Economist at realtor.com also confirms that the old trend has changed.
Check out what he has to say. His exact quote was, “As shoppers modified their strategies for navigating a housing market that has become more competitive due to rising prices and low inventory, the search for a home is beginning dramatically earlier. With housing inventory across the U.S. Expected to reach record lows in 2020, we expect to see this trend continue into the new year.”
So my message this month, short and sweet, there are tons of buyers ready and willing to buy a house right now. Homeowners just need to get the message and get their properties on the market. So it’s up to you, my friend, to convey that message. They’re not likely to figure it out on their own.
So I’m urging you, if you’re complaining about no inventory and how competitive the listing environment is right now, you need to step up, provide more value, talk to more people and inform customers about what’s really going on.
Be the knowledge broker. Get the word out. Show them the stats. Go to keepingcurrentmatters.com if you need to get some of this information and get people moving. I’ll see you next month on my next How’s the Market?