Are You Taking Action?

Agents, brokers and owners are always telling me, “Tom, I want to double my income this year!”
However many of these same agents who honestly have incredible passion to succeed, fail to follow through with their aspirations.
If you’re someone who fails to take action when inspiration calls or if you happen to remain frozen despite having your gut screaming at you to get up and do something different, you’re not alone.
Why is it that we hesitate and dance with indecision rather than building our own momentum?
If we become paralyzed by fear, we’ll find the hours and days slipping by and actually feeling as if we’re losing our grip on our ability to make success a reality.
I’ve always wondered how many more agents would be crushing their markets if they made the crucial distinction between wishing for something versus working for something.
Now, I’m not trying to separate either as good, better or bad.
What I am trying to impress upon you is that many of us get caught up in the dreaming and wanting and forget that what’s truly holding us back is indecisiveness.

Here’s the truth

If you want to:

  • Live fearlessly
  • Know real success
  • Be the leading producer in your market
  • Truly want to take hold of the dreams

You MUST decide, commit, and you must take action without fear.
There are moments in life where courage steps in and we step beyond our self-imposed limitations of what success has been and into what success can be.
This isn’t easy but it sure as hell is worth it.