Picture this… Somebody types in “Best real estate agents in [your town].”

What happens next? Do you appear in the top results?

As a real estate professional, it’s crucial that you show up in Google search results for your local market.

If you’re not showing up in local searches like this, it very likely may be due to poor “location authority.”

So in today’s quick blog, I’m going to show you how to test your location authority.

And then I’ll show you where to find step-by-step instructions to improve your ranking.

Let’s dive in…


Why Location Authority Matters

Whenever someone conducts a localized search on Google, there’s a chance for Google My Business (GMB) listings to appear. The stronger your GMB profile’s location authority, the higher Google is likely to rank you.

Things that factor into location authority are the various components of your Google My Business profile… Basic information like address and phone number, photos geo-tagged to your location, reviews, questions and answers, etc.

Even if you have a profile set up a long time ago, have you updated it recently? Have you added reviews or photos lately?

With each update Google makes to its algorithms, it is becoming more and more evident that establishing your GMB and keeping it updated is more important than ever.

But how do you know how strong your location authority is currently? Keep reading.

Take the Test

You can conduct this test either in a standard Google search or in Google Maps.

What you’ll want to do is search for your name (or business name – for instance, Jane Doe real estate) from at least two locations: One actually inside your stated address in your GMB profile, and another from elsewhere.

If your Google My Business profile doesn’t appear in those search results – or only appears when you’re physically in the location – it may mean you need to improve the strength of your location authority.


Download Our Free Guide

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