Picture two major cities in your mind.
Now picture yourself in the cockpit of an airliner, piloting the plane from City A to City B.
Once you got the plane airborne, what would you do?
You might think you simply aim the plane toward your destination, and that’s all there is to it. But there’s more to it than that.
Your role is all about making sure you stay on your intended flight path, dealing with wind currents and other external factors that continually push you off course.
So your “job” at that point is to constantly re-adjust the plane’s direction before it gets too far off path.
Do you see where I’m going with this analogy?
It’s important you do the same with your business.

“New” Year No More. It’s 5% Over!

It seems like we just popped the champagne and counted down to the New Year, but 1/20th of 2018 is already gone.
That means it’s time to check your progress and adjust your path… BEFORE you stray too far off course.
Yes, seriously.
Get out your business plan and your calculator.
Now ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you closed 5% of your yearly transactions goal?
  • Have you gone on 5% of the appointments you need to achieve your yearly goals?
  • Have you conducted 5% of your annual “conversations” goal to find those crucial leads you need this year?
  • Are you sticking to your Optimal Day worksheet?
  • What about your Optimal Week worksheet?
  • Are you following through on all the marketing strategies in your business plan?
  • Perhaps most importantly, have you earned 5% of the profit toward your yearly goal?

How’d you do?
While I hope you are doing great, I suspect this exercise will illustrate for many just how easy it is to fall behind the pace — or, in the airline analogy, how far off course — you can get in just a couple weeks.
The longer you wait to correct your path, the further you’ve deviated off that intended course.