If I asked you to choose one aspect of your business to drill down and work on, what immediately comes to mind?
Hopefully your answer was an area where you are truly deficient.
Here’s what I often find…
When asked to work on their business, people naturally gravitate toward a topic they’re already passionate about… one that is “fun” to them.
Because the other ones are difficult.
And they don’t appeal to you.
But if you continue to ignore your weaknesses, you’re only holding yourself back from being the best “You” you can be.
That’s why I’m encouraging you to focus where you’re weakest.

To Truly Improve, Embrace Your Deficiencies

There’s a great TED Talk that speaks to this subject. If you haven’t watched Jia Jiang’s “What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection,” I’d suggest you do so.

Jia recognized where he was weak… his fear of rejection… and decided to work on it.
He not only worked on it, but he developed a 100-day plan to confront his weakness.
What I love is how wholeheartedly he embraced this pursuit.
It wasn’t easy at first. But he didn’t shy away from it.
He even made it fun… an adventure!