What’s That One Thing, Tom?

Maybe you already know the answer because you caught my Facebook Live the other day…
Even if you did, keep reading. You can’t hear this message enough.
Before I tell you what it is, I’ll tell you what it’s not…

  • It’s not hiring the right assistant.
  • It’s not finding the right brokerage.
  • It’s not getting your business organized.
  • It’s not mastering your lead gen.
  • It’s not getting more leads.

All those things are great. I’m not downplaying their importance.
But ultimately, there’s only one thing that truly moves the needle for a real estate salesperson…
It’s all about appointments.
Your success all depends on how many times you’re getting face-to-face with people.

Your Business “Well Check”

Let’s do an experiment…
A “check-up” on your business, if you will.
Open your calendar and take a look at it.
I’ll wait. Open it up.
If your schedule isn’t full of appointments in the coming days, your business is in trouble. It’s unhealthy. It’s treading water.
If that hits home, it’s time to take control of what you focus on.
And it’s time to become ferociously intentional about booking and going on appointments.
It’s time to start scheduling your day around those activities.