But here’s what REALLY gets me excited…

When I see ambitious agents with common goals forming mastermind groups.

I’ve spotted several of these over the last couple weeks, and it makes me so proud.

There’s tremendous power in having an independent, unrelated ally like that…

When you have a group you can turn to, you can trade ideas, feedback, progress, support and encouragement.

Not only all that, but it provides a TON of additional accountability.

So, this is sort of an unusual blog.

Rather than share some tips, I just want to ask you some important questions…

  • Who do you need in your corner to achieve your 2021 goals?
  • Who are you surrounding yourself with?
  • Who is leading you?
  • Where will you find inspiration when things inevitably hit a snag and the business has got you down?
  • What will it take to free you up to focus on your HBUT – highest and best use of your time?
  • Who do you need to hire?
  • Where will you find a support group of people sharing a common goal, pushing and prodding each other to get there?