Robyn’s Career-Defining Revelation

For nearly two and a half decades, year in and year out, Robyn averaged 10 home sales in her Northern Virginia marketplace. She made a decent living in the process.
Then Robyn had a revelation.
“I saw so much opportunity out there, I realized I was living my 24-year career extremely small,” she says. “Selling 10 homes a year is really sad after 24 years.”
So she decided to shake things up.
She joined Tom Ferry coaching and started implementing the things she and her coach discussed.
In her first year in coaching, she jumped to 26 closed transactions!
By 2016, she’d brought on a buyer’s agent and together they sold 78 homes and earned over $1 million in GCI.
What allowed such drastic change?
“Most of it was mindset,” Robyn says. “I went from being transaction-focused to being the CEO of my business. It was a complete shift that I had a business plan and that I was tracking and measuring the things I was doing.
“I had a whole process, and I’d never had that before. I’ve been coached by almost everybody that’s out there, but nobody gave me that idea that I’m a CEO. In fact, my business card now says that I’m the CEO, and that’s what I am.”

A Business Run on Systems, Not Whims

So changing how she looked at her role and her business as a whole was the first step of Robyn’s transformation.
Powerful as it is, mindset alone isn’t going to take someone from 10 deals a year to 78.
Robyn had to start doing things differently as well. Let’s dig in and take a closer look at two areas of her business where Robyn and her coach changed how she operates: Systematizing her entire business and diversifying her lead generation.
First up: Systems. Even though Robyn was formerly a trainer for her company, she says her coach introduced her to systems and processes she never knew existed.
Those included everything from lead generation to lead conversion to client servicing.
“Now, every time we have a listing, I know exactly the processes, and we have them nailed down,” Robyn says. “Everything that happens – when they get this card, when they get this phone call, and so on. I used to be just like, ‘Oh, I haven’t spoken to the seller in a few weeks.’”