We’re dealing with a double crisis right now… not only the ongoing health crisis, but a serious inventory crisis in many markets.

So what if I told you there’s one step you can take to help overcome both at once… all while setting yourself apart from the competition.


By creating and aggressively distributing your own, branded safety guidelines that clearly demonstrate your ability to help people move forward with buying or selling real estate – in a safe environment – right now.

Not only will this help put prospective clients at ease, but it’s an opportunity to showcase your technology and tactics that prove you’re a true innovator in the market.

Let’s dig in…

What to Include in Your Safety Guidelines

Long story short, your safety guidelines marketing piece is really about getting the word out about how you’ve made accommodations to protect people’s health throughout every step of a transaction.

Here are some examples of topics you will want to address:

Start with Basic COVID-19 Safety

Describe how you’re remaining six feet apart from people at all times, how you’re providing masks, gloves and hand sanitizer for anyone who wants them, etc. Many agents are committing to wiping down any surfaces that are touched while inside a property to ensure cleanliness for everyone involved.

Buyer & Seller Consultations

Show how you’ve adopted Zoom or other video conferencing tech to “go virtual” and provide a whole new option to get the process started.

Photography & Marketing

Describe what precautions your photographer (or virtual tour vendors, contractors, etc.) is taking, such as only entering when the house is empty and wearing personal protective equipment and not touching anything.

Virtual Open Houses

Show how you’ve transitioned to Virtual Open Houses and haven’t lost a step in the process.

Virtual Buyer Showings

If applicable, demonstrate how you’re able to “virtually” walk people through homes either through video, virtual tours or other tech solutions such as Matterport.

In-Person Showings

Both sellers and buyers will be interested to know how to proceed with in-person showings. Establish your guidelines for strict pre-qualification to ensure anyone allowed inside a property is a serious buyer. Also outline all of your precautions you’ll take during the showing. You may want to create different parameters depending on if the house is occupied or vacant.

Offers & Closing Day

Show how electronic documents simplify the process and provide a “no-touch” experience.

Walkthroughs / Inspection / Appraisal

Similar to the photography section above, show the consumer how this process has evolved in the COVID-19 era.

Don’t stop there! If you have more ideas on how to set yourself apart from the competition, include them!