With the year we’ve just had, it’s understandable why anyone in this industry would be tired. But instead of slowing down, we know that now’s the time to be getting serious, crafting our business plans and putting in the work to have business lined up for the new year.

Question is, where are you going to get the energy to do all that? Especially with the holidays coming up.

I find that when we get busy, the things that really suck our energy the worst are those we allow to build up, the little messes in the background that we often don’t even notice, whether they’re in our environment, our calendars and inboxes, or our minds.

That’s why I suggest that now is the perfect time to clean up, clean out, and reorganize all the spaces in your life. I mean this literally (as in cleaning out your closet) but also in terms of your business and mindset. Because a clear space gives you a clear path. So today, I’m going to talk to you about why it’s important to slow down and sort through some of the mess.

Let’s jump right in!


Where’s the Clutter in Your Life?

This week, I want you to take a look at three areas of your life and see where you might’ve let things build up too far. Then, attack one project at a time. Clean out a closet. Rearrange the furniture in a room. Ditch the old apps on your phone you never use or change your home screen image. You’ll be amazed at the energizing effect one small action will have. Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly feeling motivated to organize more.


Take a look at every room in your home and ask, “Is this space optimized to what I need it for?” For example, your bedroom should be a clean, relaxing space where you rest and recharge with a clear mind. If it’s not, maybe this is causing issues in other areas of your life as well. Is there a closet you dread opening because it’s such a mess? Schedule time RIGHT NOW to tackle that project sometime in the next five days. Get it behind you. Clear the clutter and give yourself room to breathe, relax, and feel great entering 2023.



When thinking about your workspace, you’ll want to consider yourself, your team, and your clients. Make this a space you’re proud to welcome people into and where everyone feels excited to take action. Get some plants and new art for the walls. But also take a look inside drawers and cabinets. Think about the little day-to-day things the everyone needs. Maybe you should find an area for snacks and stock it full of healthy options so everyone is energized and not thinking about lunch at 10am.



There are two sides to this one…

  • The digital spaces you interact with
  • The content you consume

Nothing can muddle your mind like getting distracted when using your phone. If you can’t find an app you need to use, odds are you have too many useless apps on your phone and need to do a little rearranging. Go to your cluttered desktop and start putting things into neatly labeled and dated files. And do you ever go to check an email and find yourself scrolling Instagram instead? This is because you’ve made it too easy for yourself to get distracted!

And that leads right into part two – the content you consume. This entire exercise is about mindset and what you’re putting in your head will either make you or break you. So look at your apps and open browser taps. How many of them contain information you know is good for you and how many contain doom and gloom? Start closing those energy-zappers down and put something healthy in their place. If you’re listening to a junk talk show on the radio in the morning, download a podcast for your way to work – I have a good one right here. Just remember that what you take in is what you put out.


It’s Clean-Up Time

I’ve just given you some ideas of what you could tackle in each of these areas of your life. But once you take a serious look at each one, you’ll probably know exactly what you need. So start where it’s most important and work your way to the next one from there. Once you get on a roll, you just may find yourself feeling transformed by the start of 2023!