This year has taught us a lot about flexibility.

And it’s too early to know where 2021 will take us… or rather, allow us to go.

It depends on a variety of different factors… the vaccine, the economy, your own comfort level, government guidelines and regulations, etc.

But let me make this crystal clear: All of that uncertainty doesn’t excuse you from planning to make 2021 a great year.

It’s time for a reminder that – along with your business plan – you should be creating a 2021 “life plan” as well.

And that means building “balance” directly into your schedule.

An Important Reminder

Remember: Work expands to fill the time we allow for its completion.

So if you don’t create some boundaries, your work will just keep expanding to dominate your life.

That’s why one of the first steps you should take when creating your 2021 calendar is to build in your “personal” time.

Even if you can’t create firm vacation plans yet for the coming year, I encourage you to identify time you’ll set aside as designated “off time” to ensure you’re doing the things you want to do, such as spending quality time with family and loved ones, and basically enjoying the fruits of your labor.

So make tentative plans, knowing things might change.

And make back-up plans in case your first choice isn’t possible.

But whatever you do, don’t avoid making plans at all.

‘Time Block’ for These 5 Activities

Open up your calendar and block out time for each of the following:

Your Weekly “Day Off” – Working seven days a week, week in and week out is not a recipe for good health and a fulfilling life. You should have at least one day per week that is sacred and for yourself. If weekends are too busy, then choose a weekday – and stick to it!

Your Vacations – I know it’s all up in the air right now, but reserve the time now… or else it simply won’t happen later.

Holidays/Family Time – If projections are accurate that the vaccine leads to the return of congregations in Q3/Q4 2021, you’ll probably want to rejoice with lots of family and friends you haven’t seen in a long time. Reserve that time now to allow you that opportunity.

Personal Time – Sometimes we need to get away from it all and just have some “me time.” How many days will you reserve for yourself in your 2021 calendar?

Personal Development/Training Time – In-person events are still a ways off, but that only means more opportunities to learn and improve your offerings without the hassle and expense of travel. Where do you need to improve in 2021? What training events will help you get there? I certainly hope you’ll join me for Success Summit.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t worry… you’re not setting these dates in stone. Allow yourself some flexibility throughout the year to move things around, but the key is don’t cancel your “off time” completely.