Why I’m Bringing Back BluePrint for 2021

Why I’m Bringing Back BluePrint for 2021 photo
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I hope you’re seeing the same thing I am.

As I talk with agents and brokers and industry heavyweights…

As I see mortgage rates at or near all-time lows…

When I hear the stories about the incredible demand for housing right now…

…I see nothing but tremendous opportunity in the marketplace for 2021.

And that’s why I want to be sure you’re fully prepared to capitalize on it.


This Isn’t the Norm

If you’re new to the business, you might not know that things aren’t always like this. Buyers aren’t always going to be knocking down doors and eliminating contingencies to get a deal done. Listings don’t always garner multiple offers within days of hitting the market.

So it’s time to strike. This is your year!

But there are some pretty big challenges to overcome if you want to fully take advantage of today’s hot market…

  • How do you get listings when everything is so competitive?
  • How do you structure your team for growth – the right way?
  • How do you set up the back end of your business with the right tech to accommodate rapid growth without a steep learning curve?

These challenges are exactly why I’m bringing back my BluePrint event on March 2-3.


The Best One-and-A-Half Day Virtual Event You’ll Attend

BluePrint is primarily about two things – structure and systems.

You see, to grow your business, you need a strong structure as your base. Too many agents overlook that step and start building on shaky ground. As a result, they never achieve their full potential.

That’s why we named it BluePrint… this experience will provide you with a master plan to move forward powerfully and build a successful business.

And then I’m going to give you some proven, ready-made systems that top-producing agents use to attract new clients, manage their business, and increase their efficiency.

Along with it, they earn more money and gain greater satisfaction from their work.

Let’s dive into some more specifics…


Solving the Lack of Listings Dilemma

Clearly the biggest challenge all agents currently face is that there’s so little inventory for sale.

Listings are hard to come by… but smart agents know how to create more opportunities and get homeowners to choose them.

And that’s what I’m going to share with you in a session I’m calling The Top 10 Listing Attraction Strategies for 2021. We’ll have real-world agents sharing their biggest secrets with you.


The First Step Toward Real Growth

In the vein of “you have to learn to walk before you can run,” the same is true for adding team members.

Before you start hiring to handle an increased workload, you should know exactly what kind of team you want to build.

I’m devoting an entire segment of BluePrint to “Scaling for Growth,” covering various team models including organizational tips, detailed job descriptions, how and where to find the talent you need, and more.

If your goals are big like I hope they are, you simply can’t do it all yourself. So this information is critical for building your team the right way… from the start, and before you make costly mistakes.


Put an Emphasis on Referrals

Who doesn’t love a referral?

With incredibly tight inventory, I’d contend these “gifts” from trusting friends, past clients, and fellow agents are more important than ever.

At BluePrint, I’ll show you the step-by-step process to double your referral business in the coming year.


What’s Working Now

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

So with help from our in-house expert Jason Pantana, BluePrint will expose you to the hottest marketing trends for 2021 and what’s working RIGHT NOW when it comes to real estate marketing and lead gen.

This session will give you everything you need to diversify your lead sources and cast a wider net – perfect for now when there’s so much business to be won.


Discover the Tools You Need

I’m really excited about something we’re calling “Tech Talks,” where we’ll feature different technologies agents are using to up their production, increase efficiency, and make their lives easier.

These won’t be sales pitches… we’ll have agents describing exactly how they use these tools so you can follow their lead and adopt the tech you need to succeed.

In addition to all of this, BluePrint will feature some Q&A sessions, guest speakers and panels, all packed into a day and a half!


Don’t Miss the Opportunity That’s Out There

Long story short, I want YOU to have the tools, structure, and systems you need to absolutely dominate your market in 2021 and take advantage of this rare opportunity to quickly scale your business.

That’s why I’m bringing BluePrint back, and that’s why I certainly hope you’ll join me.


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