You know I’m big on the power of gratitude.

So, consider this… Do you ever take time to think about everything your owner, broker, and/or manager does for you?

There a lot of amazing people in these leadership roles who deserve credit for the support they provide, the guidance, the accountability, the training and education, etc. – all while resolving challenges, dealing with competitors, fending off disruptors and steering the ship that is your brokerage.

And they’re too often taken for granted.

Which begs the question…

Are you doing your part to build a fruitful working relationship with these people?

Imagine the possibilities if you and your broker were in perfect harmony… ideologically, philosophically, strategically, tactically, and at the end of the day… personally.

I know it’s possible. Do you?

Let’s jump into three ways you can forge stronger relationships with the leaders in your brokerage…

Take Responsibility for Yourself

Recognize that your owner, broker and managers all have their own roles and responsibilities, and they can’t hold your hand through every transaction. The more independently you can operate, the more weight you’re taking off their shoulders.

Take initiative for learning and growing what you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to share what you’ve learned to demonstrate to leadership that you’re all-in and supportive of their initiatives.

One final point on this topic: When challenges arise, always communicate with your broker as soon as possible. Nothing reflects worse on management than being “in the dark” when a deal goes sideways. Deal with it immediately.

Involve Your Broker As Much As Possible

This might sound odd coming right after the previous point. But I don’t mean you should avoid talking to your broker in fear that you’re bothering him or her.

In fact, I strongly encourage you to schedule time to share as much as possible with the leadership of your brokerage.

Open up and include them in your goals and aspirations, the strategies and tactics you’ll use to achieve them, and more.

The more you can include your broker in your business, the more they’ll be able to push you forward, drive you and hold you accountable.

Always Be Adaptable

In any business, people who are averse to change cause headaches for management. You need to realize that real estate is an ever-evolving industry that requires compromise from all parties to create positive outcomes.

Bottom line… Rigidity is not your friend when it comes to building a strong relationship with your broker.