Dive into our Best of 2023 Content Recap!

2023 was a hard year for a lot of agents. For us, that meant it was important to step up our game and deliver more value than ever before.

From mindset and inspiration to marketing and business strategies, we covered just about everything that agents need to be successful during challenging times.

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for the year ahead is by catching up on any of these awesome episodes or blog posts you may have missed.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in…


2023 Content Recap: The Blog

The Story of Dwayne Pano

Despite the hard market, 2023 saw a lot of rising stars, and almost none of them shined brighter than Dwayne Pano. If you’re looking to get inspired, check out his story.


The 18 Best Books on Mindset

2024 is going to be all about your mindset and keeping it in the right place every single day. Be sure to add these books to your reading list.


Throwing Unforgettable Client Appreciation Parties

The holidays might almost be over, but so what?! Client appreciation parties are good year-round, and no one does than better than Rockstar agent Donna Molet. Check out her strategy!


Master the Tik-Tok Algorithm to Get Leads

Tik-Tok can no longer be ignored by real estate agents. It’s a remarkably powerful tool for generating interest and leads – even if it requires some understanding to get good at.


The Strategies of Napoleon for Business Success

Napoleon Bonaparte conquered a large part of the world using a set of strategies and qualities that more business leaders should be using to conquer their markets.


Text Scripts for Grabbing Interest

The text can be as mighty as the email if you know what to say. These text strategies WORK to get replies and appointments.


2023 Content Recap: The Podcast

The Heroic & Inspiring Levi Rogers

In this clip from Summit, you’ll hear the story of Levi Rogers, who went from a Special Forces Green Beret to a severely wounded and lost veteran in a new city to the leader of the No. 1 team in San Antonio (a massive team). Just try not to cry…


The Competitive Advantage of Happiness

I talked with Success Summit 2023 keynote speaker Shawn Achor, the top researcher in positive psychology, about how agents can use happiness as their greatest competitive advantage.


The Best Strategies for Getting More Listings

In this POWERHOUSE podcast, I talked with team leader Lisa Chinatti, Curaytor CEO Jimmy Mackin (who is joining me on my Roadmap 2024 Tour), and Jason Pantana of Marketing Edge, about the absolute best strategies for getting more listings.


The Best Moves for New & Young Agents

We hear from experienced pros a lot, but there’s a ton to learn from new agents who are killing it. Byron Lazine and I talked with Vincent Kessel about the best strategies for young agents.


The Recruiting Code

Coach Emily Kettenburg and Humaniz.io CEO Chris Giannos talked with me about the best methods for recruiting and retaining team members.


2023 Content Recap: This Week in Marketing

5 Marketing Channels That Will Dominate in 2024

Jason Pantana and I talked about the best channels for the year ahead. Definitely a must-watch!


Crafting Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Shannon Gillette shared her journey to creating a personal brand on social media which allowed her to grow and dominate.


9 Jaw-Dropping AI Tools

Jason shared the most impressive and helpful AI tools available to real estate agents.


Micro Farming – The Gateway to Trust

Learn the secrets to building a successful micro-farm for winning consumer trust.


Starting DM Conversations with Social Media Leads

Katie Day and Ken Pozek joined Jason to discuss powerful tactics for using your social media posts to spark DM conversations that lead to appointments.


Start 2024 Off the Right Way!

2024 is going to require even more out of you than 2023 did. Now is the time to catch up, train, plan, and get ready to hit the ground running in just a few days.

Be sure to go back to watch and read any of these you may have missed, then take a look at our upcoming events and make a plan to attend one near you. We’re going to be all over the country delivering agents the cutting-edge tools they need to thrive in this market.

Best of luck and have a happy New Years!