It All Boils Down to Priorities

This lesson was hammered home in a recent post in our private Facebook Group from a coaching member who admitted to one of the cardinal sins of real estate: He got $2 million in deals in his pipeline and got so wrapped up in them, he stopped making his calls and generating leads. To his credit, this second-year agent recognized his failure and promised to do better in the future.

Among the varied feedback his post got was this straightforward yet utterly profound message from one of our coaches, Tom Pivetti:

Read those words one more time. Seriously. It’s that important. Here they are…

“The hardest reality for most agents is to embrace this fact: Regardless of what you have listed or pending, your first responsibility every day is to find the next deal! Generate leads, convert leads, set appointments… easy job description… Do it!”

Tom’s right that it can be a hard reality to embrace as fact…

When a few deals get rolling all at once, suddenly you tend to think you’ve got this thing mastered. Or you feel the weight of those “urgent” responsibilities on your shoulders, so you devote all your time to them while overlooking your truly “important” tasks.

At that point, it becomes all too easy to forget what got you those deals in the first place.