3-Part Series: Appointment Setting


PART ONE: Be An Appointment Setting Machine

#TomFerryShow Episode 73

4 Easy Steps to Getting More Appointments

1. Have an Appointment Setting Routine

Start by asking yourself these three questions:

Why should this customer do business with me?

What am I committed to?

What is my mindset for setting appointments?

2. Know your “automatic shot” and take that first

You want to start your appointments off right by getting a quick “win”.
So, if you absolutely had to get an appointment right now, who would you call first?

3. Be more assumptive with your language

What you say absolutely matters, and your language should already assume you’ve got the win.

4. Close, because it’s awkward if you don’t!

Your customers are expecting the close, and you may have to close several times.
Most people have a natural barrier and are conditioned to reflexively say no.
But your response could be as simple as saying “Pencil me in at this time… Let me know if you need to change it later.”
Some of the best salespeople close 3, 5, or even 7 times!


PART TWO: 6 Tips To Schedule More Appointments On The Phone

#TomFerryShow Episode 74

6 Communications Tips

1. Know your customers pain and know their problems

Examples: market conditions, past purchasing experiences, etc.

2. Know your dialogues

If you want to be good on the phones you have to practice!
When you know what to say and how to say it, you can be more in tune to your customers needs.

3. Get to the point!

Example “I’m calling today to schedule an appointment…”
Give two options for setting a time.