12 Lessons That Can Change Your Life & Business Forever

I strive to fill every Summit with tons of actionable information, but I’ve gotta say I’m especially excited for this year’s event for one specific reason

I convinced 12 of the biggest Rockstar agents I know to take the stage and reveal their best “Million Dollar Strategy” they use to generate amazing results. I’m talking about people bringing in between $2m-$11m annual GCI here.

They are basically going to give you their entire system so you can learn in two days what it took them years or decades to implement and refine.

And that’s where the dilemma from Joseph’s video comes in…

What will you do with that information? Will you dabble and try it once or twice, or will you commit to one or two of these proven strategies to build your business?

I strongly suggest the latter.

I think when you see the results they’ve created and how easy they’re going to make it, you’ll agree. Let me give you a sneak peek at some of what these agents will be covering…


Billion Dollar Negotiations

Tim Smith | Newport Beach, CA |  @tsmith007

With $382 million in sales volume in 2019 alone and more than $3 billion in career sales, Tim Smith of the Smith Group knows a thing or two about high-dollar negotiations. He’s going to share his insights into everything that factors into a successful negotiation, no matter which end of the market you work.