Honing Your Message

Does this scenario sound familiar?…
You have a piece of marketing scheduled — an ad in a publication, a direct mail piece, a social media post — and the deadline is fast approaching…
So then what happens?
You end up running a generic “real estate” message that fails to differentiate you in any way.
Or you create something out of left field, just hoping it will resonate.
Or, worst of all, you bail out and don’t do anything at all!
In any case, it’s a wasted opportunity.
However, when you build in time every week to work on your marketing, you allow yourself the ability to craft messages that tap into the mindset of buyers and sellers in your marketplace.
The key is to spend that time thinking about typical client “pain points” and then demonstrate the solutions you offer to help people avoid that pain.
The more you work on your messaging, the more clearly you can differentiate yourself in your market.

Track & Measure Everything

I’ve probably said it 1,000 times on this blog, and I’ll probably say it 5,000 more…
You’ve got to track and measure everything!
When it comes to marketing, it’s extremely helpful to know what you’ve done, what worked and what didn’t.
Without tracking and measuring, you’re simply guessing what might be effective.
Review your statistics every week to look for any trends, spikes and/or decreases in your marketing’s effectiveness.
Analyze those results and then use the information to your advantage.
When something works, double down on it! Push it! Continue testing it!
When something fails, eliminate it!
This might seem obvious, but if you don’t schedule those 90 minutes every week to work on your marketing, these “obvious” action steps will never come to light. And as a result, your marketing will never improve.
Get those 90 minutes on your calendar! (Remember: If it’s not on your schedule, it doesn’t exist!)