Seven Ways To Grow Your Real Estate Business

1. Your Database

Your database is full of leads!
Remember the average person moves about every 10 years.
That means, you should message your database and provide more value than other agents!
You could convert 10% of your annual database into transactions.

2. Facebook

Are you advertising on Facebook?
You should be…
The ability to create “custom audiences” is what sets this advertising method apart from many others.
How it works:
Create your custom audience by uploading your database (your client’s phone or email) into Facebook’s “custom audiences.”
Then run targeted advertising based on the type of business you are looking for.
This could be for open houses, listings, or even home valuations!

3. Zillow

Your potential customers are likely on Zillow, and you should be too!
Make sure your profile and contact info is all up to date.
Are you asking for reviews?
You don’t have to have sales to get reviews on Zillow!
You can get reviews for listings, showings, rentals, and other services.

4. Content Marketing Through Videos

Videos are a great way to grow your business and creating them has never been easier.
You can shoot videos right from your phone and share them on social media!
You can also share videos through email; check out BombBomb to learn more.
What types of videos should you make?
You can promote your listings, open houses, get testimonials, and even introduce yourself.