When you’re on your way to work each morning, what’s the outcome you have in mind?

It might be a successful call or presentation you have later in the day.

Or thinking bigger, it might be hiring a new team member or putting needed systems in place.

Thinking even bigger, it might be the legacy your work will have on future generations of your family.

It all boils down to a really important question… What are you building?

I ask because as a real estate professional living through the greatest real estate economy in most of our lifetimes, you have a world of opportunity over the next three to five years.

And if you’re intentional about it, you can truly create anything you desire.


Dream Big and Make It Happen

“What are you building?” is not the only important question for those who are serious about creating something special in the near future.

For the people who join me in Nashville Feb. 28–Mar. 1 for our totally reimagined BluePrint event, I’ll ask and help answer six more questions critical to successfully growing your business.

This all-new BluePrint is designed entirely around the concept of helping you evolve from “being an agent” to “running your business.”

And to get there, you’re going to have to look within yourself and answer these six questions:


Question 2: What Kind of Team Do You Want?

No matter how much you love being a solo agent, you’re going to need a team if you want to create something truly meaningful. But teams come in all shapes and all sizes, and I want to help you determine what’s right for you.

At BluePrint, we’ll examine all your options so you can tailor your team to your specific vision. Then I’ll help you define the roles you need to fill and how to fill them… and we’ll even cover how to get new hires quickly up to speed and ingrained in your unique culture.


Question 3: What Are Your Values?

When building something larger than yourself, you need some tent poles to guide where you’re going and what you stand for. At BluePrint, we’ll help you dig deep within yourself to tap into what matters most to you, and then I’ll show you how to use those values as the basis for your growing team.


Question 4: How Will You Scale?

As you and your business grow, how do you multiply your efforts without sacrificing quality in the process? It’s the eternal question every ambitious solo agent has to ask themselves one day… but I’ll help you answer it at BluePrint.

With the right people and systems in place, you’ll find that you truly can scale while maintaining the lofty standards on which you’ve built your business. Join me to find out how.


Question 5: What Does Your Brand Convey?

Branding is a crucial element of your team’s growth and prosperity. At BluePrint, we’ll discuss how to position your brand to capitalize on opportunities in your market while also effectively communicating what you’re all about.


Question 6: How Will You Attract Enough Business to Sustain Your New Goals?

You can have the greatest people in the world working for you, but if there’s no inbound leads coming in, you won’t last long. That’s why at BluePrint we’ll dig into the most effective lead pillars on which to base your growing business and help you decide which are best for your situation.


Question 7: What Tech Tools Do You Need?

Trial and error with various tech platforms is not only time consuming, but it’s extremely costly. Shortcut that learning curve by joining us at BluePrint to learn how real estate’s best of the best are using tech to leverage themselves, manage their teams, and grow their businesses. Then simply go back home and R&D (rip-off and duplicate) what they’re doing.


I’ve just given you seven important topics we’ll cover when you join me in Nashville. Don’t miss your opportunity to get all of the answers you need in just two days instead of agonizing over answering these questions for the next few years.

If you’re serious about taking advantage of the incredible opportunities today’s market is providing, I’ll see you at BluePrint.

Click here to register now! (P.S. Our hotel room block closes tomorrow, Feb. 11, so when you sign up today, you’ll get access to our preferred hotel rate at the host venue.)