It seemed like everything went great.

You got along beautifully.

You provided excellent service every step of the way.

There were no hurdles you couldn’t overcome.

The clients were happy…

…But they’ve NEVER sent you a referral.

Not a one.

What happened?

And more importantly, how do we fix this?

Let’s talk about it…

Whose Perspective Are You Occupying?

Like reviews, referrals are something that – as a real estate professional – you’re always thinking about and hoping for.

Because it’s what you do. This stuff dictates your livelihood.

See where I’m going with this?

People who are buying or selling a home don’t necessarily think about those things. It’s simply not on their radar… UNLESS you put it there.

So let’s dive into five simple steps you can use to make your clients more aware and start getting more referrals.

More Referrals Step No. 1: Email a Survey to All Past Clients

Are you familiar with the acronym NPS, or Net Promoter Score?

(You should be.)

It’s basically a simple way to determine if the people you’ve worked with would recommend your services to someone they know.

I encourage you to email out an NPS survey to all of your past clients with this question:

How likely are you to refer me to a friend or family member, on a scale of 0-10?

What you’re aiming for is a score of 8-10, so I would also include this sentence in the survey:

If your score was 7 or below, please let me know what I could have done differently to achieve a higher rating.

For one thing, simply sending this survey is a way of alerting and/or reminding people that you would appreciate their referrals.

For another thing, it provides you with feedback to gauge whether or not you’re truly providing the caliber of service you think you are. And if you find that you’re falling short in consumers’ eyes, it should provide you with some constructive feedback so you can identify any problem areas and correct them.