5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

1. Zillow Consumer Report

Human hands holding small house
If you want to be a successful agent in 2017, you NEED to read Zillow’s Consumer Report.
This is essentially your marketing guide for the coming year!
In this in depth and easy-to-read report, you’ll be able to find some crucial insights about buyers and sellers as well as their behaviors.

2. Meditating

Do you meditate?
Meditation helps with focus, concentration, and in reducing stress.
I’ve been using the HeadSpace app which is an easy way to get started in meditation if you’ve never tried it before.
In fact, even my wife who doesn’t normally meditate is using the app!

3. Journaling

I’ve been journaling for years and it is an integral part of my daily routine.
I like to journal “old school” with pen and paper. 🙂
It’s pretty amazing to go back and see the growth in my life when I comb through old pages of my journal.
I even found my old journal when Brian Tracy told me it was time to find a wife!