Question No. 1: “Profit” or “Project”?

One of the very first things I mentioned at this year’s Success Summit was the need right now to essentially be running two different businesses simultaneously: One to stockpile cash NOW and another that’s preparing for a potential downturn in the market in 2020, 2021 or 2022.

What that means is when you’re looking over everything you learned at Summit (or any ideas you’re considering), you need to ask yourself one crucially important question:

Is this for “profit” or is this a “project”? In other words, will this create an immediate impact on your bottom line, or is this a long-term play?

Deciding which initiatives to tackle all depends how profitable your business is today – whether or not you can handle anything more than immediately profitable objectives.

Ideally, you’ll implement both short- and long-term objectives so you can rack up the profits now and set yourself up for massive growth whenever “winter” eventually arrives.

Question No. 2: Who Am I Doing This For?

I want to remind you that everything worthwhile requires time and sacrifice.

Which means one thing: It can get tough sometimes.

And in those times, you need to remind yourself exactly WHY you’re doing those difficult tasks.

So with every objective you put in place in your business, I want you to also answer “Who am I doing this for?”

Your answer could be purely monetary based. It might be highly emotionally driven. It could be anywhere in between. The important part is that you have acknowledged that “Why?” that will motivate you and keep you moving even when it feels like the deck is stacked against you.