5 Career-Defining Questions You Need to Answer Now

5 Career-Defining Questions You Need to Answer Now photo
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Would you agree that the pandemic has accelerated change in our industry?

Without a doubt, right?

So here’s the first big question I have for you today: Are you keeping up?

Because the landscape is most definitely changing. Quickly.

And if you’re not dialed in and fully committed to adapting how you do business, you’re putting yourself at risk of being left behind.


It’s Gonna Take a Big Commitment

As I sit here writing this blog, I’m also putting the finishing touches on next week’s Success Summit content.

And these changes and trends are a big part of what I’m going to talk about on Day 1 next Tuesday.

In fact, the theme for this year’s Summit is Moving Your Business Forward… Powerfully.

Think about that.

Are you living up to that standard?

Because the world is changing. We’re living in the on-demand economy.

So here’s the second big question I have for you today:

With consumers expecting to do business from the phone in their pocket – even for something as important as buying or selling a home – can you meet and exceed those expectations? Or are you just maintaining the status quo and hoping you don’t have to adapt?


It’s Time to Decide Who You Want to Be

The transition toward a more “team-based” approach to real estate has been taking place for many years now, and it’s getting tougher and tougher to compete if you resist that change.

Which brings me to the third big question you need to answer:

Who do you want to be?

Do you want to keep flying solo and doing everything yourself to maintain control?

Do you want to build or join a high-performance team?

Either way, at Summit, I’m sharing two of the best options from my perspective, which I’ll likely dig into in depth in a future blog.


Emerge Triumphantly from the Sea of Sameness

It’s not enough to just be different or be better than the competition.

You need to know how to put it out there and make yourself the agent of choice.

Which brings me to the fourth big question you need to answer right now:

How will you communicate to consumers what makes you different?

Whether it’s lavishing your past clients to create a powerful referral network, finding your own niche, or going big on geographic farming or online ads, you need a strategy to create your USP and differentiate yourself from all those other agents going after the same buyers and sellers you are.


The Last Big Question

Once you’ve answered these first four questions, you’ve established:

  • That you’re fully committed to staying ahead of the curve
  • You’ll do whatever it takes to compete in today’s on-demand economy
  • Total clarity on what shape you, your team, or organization will take
  • How you’ll separate yourself from the pack

The last question you need to ask yourself and answer is this:

What help do you need to get where you want to go?

Do you need specialized marketing expertise? Are your phone skills or sales skills holding you back? Do you need a coach to hold you accountable to your plan? Can you offer the latest technology to streamline the sales process and provide a better customer experience?

Look… there’s no extra merit in “going it alone.” Identify the holes in your business and find the right people to shore up your processes.


One Final Note

I hope you’ve found these five questions to be helpful.

If you’re coming to Summit, you’ll see these topics covered in much greater detail, and thinking about these questions now will put you in the right mindset for the event.

If you’re not planning to come to Summit, you need to invest the time and effort to find definitive answers to these questions. It’s not too late to buy your ticket, either, where we’re help you find the answers you need to move your business forward, powerfully!

You’ll also get my 10-step Growth Model Checklist I’ve put together by analyzing exactly what the most successful agents have been doing over the past six months or so to stay ahead of the curve and move their businesses forward, powerfully!

Good luck on your journey ahead. It’s gonna be interesting!


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