Future Agent Superpower No. 1: Marketing & Business Development

Tell me if this sounds familiar… and maybe a little bit painful.
You do some marketing, get a few deals, and then get so busy, you STOP doing the activities that earned you that business.
Suddenly when those deals conclude, you find yourself back at square one scrambling to figure out where your next customer will come from. And the whole vicious cycle needs to begin again.
So here’s the question you need to ask yourself…
How do we attract and convert at the highest level all the time?
I’ll tell you the simple answer:
You can’t wait until your well is dry and you “need” a new client.
You can’t wait until the market shifts and it’s more difficult to attract business.
You need to start now and do it consistently.
Figure out a way to systematize your marketing and new business development so it happens regardless of how busy you are, and you never again have to worry where that “next one” will come from.

Future Agent Superpower No. 2: Brand Building

What are you doing to put yourself on display ­– at scale – in front of the largest number of people in your community?
If you know me, you know I believe there’s no wrong way to generate a lead.
But I also believe that there are few better ways to build your brand than with video.
Too many agents I know try video and let relatively low view counts to discourage them. But remember this: Your goal isn’t to compete with the Beyoncés of the world; it’s to reach very specific people in your community. So if your video gets 50, 100, 200 views, those are all people who took the time to watch what you had to say and likely value your input. And it’s a lot more efficient than making 50, 100, 200 phone calls.
And with video, it lives out there in the wild forever, so your view count will continue to grow.
The more videos you create, the more those view counts will compound over time as more and more people discover you and your videos.
In the long run, this will allow you to become the trusted expert in your market that people naturally turn to when they’re ready to buy or sell a property.