STEP 1: Get Really Clear on Your Goals

I talked about this on a recent episode of the #TomFerryShow, but it is super important that you get really clear on what you want.
So clear that if I were to call you in the middle of the night and ask you what your goals are, you would have a clear answer ready to go!
If you don’t know what you want it is going to be REALLY tough to be successful…

STEP 2: Align Your Mindset With Your Goals

Once you’re clear on what you want, you have to align your mindset.
Mindset is so incredibly important … it’s really the crucial factor in whether or not you can succeed.
Have you read that book Mindset by Carol Dweck?
She says that ultimately there are two kinds of mindsets, fixed and growth.
What that means is that when someone is presented with a problem they look at it like this…
A person with a Growth Mindset sees an exciting opportunity, and they understand that their abilities and skills can be developed.
A person with a Fixed Mindset sees only negativity and failure; not an opportunity for growth.
How is your mindset today?

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