4 Critical Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Now

4 Critical Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Now photo
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In a time when there are more questions than answers, you might be wondering why I want to introduce even more questions to the equation.

Well, it’s simple…

Because I want you healthy.

I want you to maintain a positive mindset.

I want you to keep your business moving forward.

And I want you to emerge from this crisis a more fulfilled human being and stronger businessperson than you are today.

Sound good?

Then answer these four questions…


Critical Question No. 1: How Are You Doing?

Hold on… Don’t answer this one too quickly.

I don’t want the kneejerk, thoughtless answer.

I want to know like, really… How are you doing?

Pretend like I’m the psychologist and you’re sitting across from me.

Many people may be putting up a façade to cope with this crisis, and that’s okay as long as it’s not overwhelming you underneath it all.

So… Are you ok?

Are you taking care of yourself?

Are you talking to enough people? (Remember: My texts are always open at 949-216-5466.)

Are you seeing the content we’re putting out and acting on it?

I hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy. If you’re not and you need help, please reach out for it.


Critical Question No. 2: What Have You Learned About Yourself During This Time?

It’s always a good idea to step back and take inventory of yourself every once in a while.

But now especially is a great opportunity. And an important one to make sure you’re dialed in and paying attention, not just skating through this, hoping and waiting for things to return to normal.

Chances are you’ve never been through anything quite like what we’re experiencing right now, so you may be discovering new traits about yourself you never before realized.

So… What have you learned about yourself from all this?

Me personally, I’ve learned I thrive when the pressure gets turned up. I’m normally a high-energy guy, but put me in a situation like this where there are serious problems to solve, and it really launches me into another gear of wanting to help people and keep them informed. I hope you’ve seen the Pivot program we’ve put together specifically to help people like you remain positive and keep moving forward during this difficult time, as well as the free This Week in Housing webinars we’ve been doing every Friday on my Facebook page.


Critical Question No. 3: How Have You Grown from This?

Don’t take this the wrong way because obviously no one would have wanted this crisis to impact the world the way it has.

But let’s face it… When the world gets turned upside down, it sometimes causes us to stretch and adapt. It shakes us out of our comfort zone and requires us to look at things differently.

Or in other words, it causes us to grow.

How have you seen yourself grow during the last few weeks?

I can’t tell you how many messages I’ve gotten from people saying after years of hearing me talk about it, they finally took the plunge and started doing video.

That is growth! That’s a new skill they’re going to emerge from this crisis with, and that is extremely impressive to me.

Which leads to my last question for you…


Critical Question No. 4: Where Do You Need to “Sharpen Your Axe”?

The growth in Question 3 was more about natural growth that’s occurred as a by-product of this quarantine period.

But now I want to talk about more intentional, prescriptive growth.

  • What topic have you been telling yourself for years that you want to learn? Or need to improve?
  • What aspect of your business causes the most breakage when you look back over years of transactions? How can you fix it?
  • What skill have you always wished you possessed but told yourself you just weren’t born with it?

If you find yourself with a little more time on your hands, right now is a wonderful time to devote yourself to learning a new skill or patching those holes in your business. I think if you have this time and fail to capitalize on it, you’re going to regret it a year or two down the road.

So that’s it. Four simple questions I think are important to ask yourself right now… because your answers can dictate the direction and pace of your recovery once it’s time to get back to full speed ahead.


I’d love to know your thoughts. Please leave a comment below to let me know you read this and what it meant to you. And like I said earlier, be sure to reach out via text at 949-216-5466 if you need to.


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