In a time when there are more questions than answers, you might be wondering why I want to introduce even more questions to the equation.

Well, it’s simple…

Because I want you healthy.

I want you to maintain a positive mindset.

I want you to keep your business moving forward.

And I want you to emerge from this crisis a more fulfilled human being and stronger businessperson than you are today.

Sound good?

Then answer these four questions…

Critical Question No. 1: How Are You Doing?

Hold on… Don’t answer this one too quickly.

I don’t want the kneejerk, thoughtless answer.

I want to know like, really… How are you doing?

Pretend like I’m the psychologist and you’re sitting across from me.

Many people may be putting up a façade to cope with this crisis, and that’s okay as long as it’s not overwhelming you underneath it all.

So… Are you ok?

Are you taking care of yourself?

Are you talking to enough people? (Remember: My texts are always open at 949-216-5466.)

Are you seeing the content we’re putting out and acting on it?

I hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy. If you’re not and you need help, please reach out for it.