New agent. New market. New year. New tactics. New beginnings.

No matter which of those categories you fit in, the three tactics I’m sharing with you in today’s blog should definitely be part of your lead generation strategy.

Now let’s get to it…


Tactic No. 1: Make a ‘Service’ Call to Everyone You Know

When I tell people to make their calls… especially to people they know, they often tense up and say something like, “I dunno. I don’t want to feel like a telemarketer.”

Good news: You don’t have to!

There’s so much happening in the real estate world right now, you owe it to inform the people you know!

So don’t think of these as “sales” calls. They’re “service” calls looking out for the people you care about… the same way a good accountant or financial advisor would proactively call their clients to inform them of new opportunities or changes in tax laws.

Here are just a few topics you can talk about:

“How has covid and working from home impacted the way you think about your home?”


“Have you seen the projections for home prices in 2022? Do you want to know your home’s current value?”


“Hey, just calling to say hi, check in, and ask if you’ve heard the news from the Fed? Interest rates are rising soon. What’s your current rate? Let’s see if we can get you something better before they increase.”

Don’t those seem like easy conversations to have? They are! And they’ll get people talking about if they’ve had any thoughts of selling.

So make those calls to everyone you know!


Tactic No. 2: Circle Dialing Around Recent Sales

Circle dialing is the process of contacting everyone in a certain geographic area based around a recent property that sold. (No, it doesn’t have to be your listing.)

And the prices that homes are fetching right now make it a no-brainer to make those calls.

Just put yourself in a homeowner’s shoes for a second. Let’s say you bought your house four years ago for $330K, meaning it might be worth close to $500K today. Wouldn’t you want to know that? Wouldn’t that information open up some big opportunities for your life?

The most effective circle dialing script is super simple, too:

“Hey [Name], did you hear about your neighbor’s home? It just sold for $X. Does that make you curious what your home is worth in today’s market?”

Circle dialing is an old-school tactic that has found new life in today’s hot market. Don’t overlook this simple approach!

Pro Tip: You may be able to get the phone numbers/contact info for homes in a geographic region from your title rep, or if not, there’s software like Vulcan 7 or REDX that can do it for you.


Tactic No. 3: Attract Buyers by Advertising Other Agents’ Listings

When you’re starting out, sometimes you have to get innovative.

For instance, asking a listing agent if you can run ads based on their listing.

Why? Because then you can use messaging targeting buyers like this:

Tired of throwing away money on rent? Look what $X/mo. can get you!

An ad like this can quickly bring a steady stream of buyers your way for a very minimal investment. When they call, simply qualify them and set up an appointment to talk. Even if it doesn’t lead to a transaction, the more experience you can get when you’re early in your career, the shorter your learning curve will be.


So which one(s) are you gonna do? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to register for Sales & Marketing Edge coming to a location near you.