Today marks the beginning of the second half of the year.

A lot has happened already in 2021…

The U.S. market continued its frantic pace with strong buyer demand and low listing inventory.

We’ve emerged from pandemic rituals and mostly returned to normalcy.

Zillow bought ShowingTime and agents everywhere freaked out.

Buyers are making offers way over asking price and still crossing their fingers that they get the house.

It’s been eventful and fast paced, and there’s no reason to believe it’s going to slow down soon.

So as we sit here at “halftime,” I think it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on what you’ve accomplished… and strategize for what’s still to come.

Here are 21 questions I’d ask you if we were to sit down for a private coaching session…


Question 1: What have you learned?

It’s always good to ask yourself this question, especially in periods with lots of growth or activity. What have the first six months of 2021 taught you and what will you do with that information?


Question 2: How’s your marketing performing? What needs adjustment?

Hopefully you’re tracking and measuring everything you do, so you can adjust as needed. Review each of your lead pillars to gauge what’s working, what’s not, and how to maximize your results as we sprint to the finish line over the next six months.


Question 3: What are consumers telling you?

It’s important to take time to reflect on what the market is saying. Stop and think about any recurring themes or feedback you’ve received throughout the first six months of this year. How can you use that information to your advantage to better promote yourself and better serve your customers?


Question 4: Where have you excelled so far in 2021?


Question 5: Where did you fall short so far in 2021?


Question 6: What changes are needed to fix the areas where you’ve fallen short?


Question 7: Who or what are you grateful for?

When things are moving so quickly, it’s easy to overlook what’s great about your life and business. Taking the time to recognize who and what you’re grateful for will force you to slow down and operate from a positive mindset.


Question 8: Are you stretched too thin to maximize your potential?


Question 9: If so, what do you need to add or who do you need to hire?

With so much going on, time management has been a common challenge for many agents in 2021. It may be time to hire your first assistant, or expand your team beyond what you already have. Even some part-time help can allow you to delegate tasks and focus more on your HABU – Highest And Best Use of your time.


Question 10: Is your Google My Business page set up and optimized to establish yourself as the hyperlocal expert?

If you were with me at BluePrint, you know how important this is to your business. It’s an absolute necessity in today’s market. If you’re behind the curve, we’ve developed a free guide to help you catch up quickly.