I’m bullish on 2022 and can’t wait to get started.

But before we move forward, let’s take one last look back at the year that was 2021.

Whether you’ve followed every word or only read the blog sporadically, I want to make sure you don’t miss these most-read blogs from throughout 2021.

Let’s count it down…


21st Most-Read Blog of 2021

7 Crucial Questions to Define Your Personal Brand

If you haven’t asked and answered these seven questions, chances are your branding efforts are falling short.


20th Most-Read Blog of 2021

4 Ways to Conquer ‘Fear of Failure’ & Finally Fulfill Your Greatness

When a real estate agent tells me they suffer from a fear of failure, that’s usually a cover for something else going on. In this blog I outline the four real issues that often disguise themselves as “fear of failure” or even sometimes “fear of success.”


19th Most-Read Blog of 2021

Are You Making It Easy Enough for People to Review You?

Reviews are crucial in today’s market. Learn from top agents who are removing the friction and making it extremely simple for their clients to post glowing reviews.


18th Most-Read Blog of 2021

Someone Else Will – AKA How to Stop Giving Your Dreams Away

Four ways to remedy a lack of action… and make sure that you’re the one reaching your goals instead of giving your dreams away to your competition.


17th Most-Read Blog of 2021

TEAM SPOTLIGHT: 5 Tips for Enhanced Team Strength (And Sanity) in a Crazy Market

5 tips to keep your team on track despite trying circumstances.


16th Most-Read Blog of 2021

The Selfish Behavior That Is Killing Agent Productivity

I’m calling BS on the reasons why agents don’t make their calls. Am I talking to you?


15th Most-Read Blog of 2021

Why You (Too) Should Accept My 90-Day ‘Hour of Power’ Challenge

Wanna kick start your new year? Now would be a great time to accept this 90-day challenge I posed to coaching member Karen Peters. Read all about it and the results it generated.


14th Most-Read Blog of 2021

3 Revolutionary Tech Tools You Absolutely Should Start Using Today

Are you running a tech-enabled business? Then you’d better know about these three tools that make your life easier.


13th Most-Read Blog of 2021

10 Tips to Help You Pick Up the Phone and Make Your Damn Calls!

If you’re not prospecting consistently, chances are you’re falling short of your potential. These 10 tips will help you make your calls and create more opportunities.


12th Most-Read Blog of 2021

12 Defining Traits that Separate Real Estate ‘Professionals’ from Real Estate ‘Hobbyists’

How many of these “pro” traits do you exhibit? The answer will reveal if you’re a true pro or a hobbyist.


11th Most-Read Blog of 2021

100 Day Warning: 6 Steps to Finish 2021 Strong & Hit the Ground Running in 2022

I may have published this back in September, but the six steps are just as relevant today.


10th Most-Read Blog of 2021

7 Ways Smart Agents are Preparing Now to Make 2022 Their Best Year Ever

As we enter 2022, it’s more important than ever you pay attention to these seven keys to success. Do you have all seven dialed in?


9th Most-Read Blog of 2021

The Top 10 Listing Lead Sources Every Real Estate Agent Should Consider

Looking for new ways to get listings? Check out this top 10 list of where the Rockstar agents in our coaching programs are getting theirs.


8th Most-Read Blog of 2021

3 Steps to Setting Realistic Buyer Expectations in Today’s Ultra-Competitive Market

2021 has been a challenging market to be a buyer… but smart agents are taking three specific actions to keep them in the right mindset and move them through the process.


7th Most-Read Blog of 2021

Five Simple Words to Get You Un-Stuck & Fuel Your Success

Remember this question any time you’re feeling stuck or unmotivated.


6th Most-Read Blog of 2021

15 Attention-Grabbing Video Ideas to Build Your Identity & Generate More Business

If you’ve ever said “I want to shoot more video. I just don’t know what to say,” click above. Problem solved.


5th Most-Read Blog of 2021

7 Options You Should Give Every Homeowner to Get More Listings Today

Giving homeowners options opens the door to more listing opportunities. Here are seven choices today’s top agents are using to get more signed listing agreements.


4th Most-Read Blog of 2021

3 Ways to Generate Listing Appointments Now!

Listings are scarce. Are you doing these three actions to book more appointments and give yourself more opportunities?


3rd Most-Read Blog of 2021

New Agent Primer: 19 Tips for Getting Started in Real Estate

We assembled a giant list of 19 tips to help new agents succeed in the real estate industry. How many have you checked off?


2nd Most-Read Blog of 2021

The REAL Takeaway from the News of Zillow Buying ShowingTime

Remember back in February when Zillow bought ShowingTime and the entire real estate world freaked out? Let that serve as a reminder about expending unneeded energy on things outside your control when the next big “news” story hits. And my advice from this blog still stands.


The Most-Read Blog of 2021

Real Estate Scripts: My NEW Best Response for “How’s the Market?”

Changing times call for changing scripts. So after many years of sticking with the tried and true, I came up with a new suggested answer for the question you hear every day: How’s the market?


Now that you’ve reviewed these top 21 blogs of 2021, you should be ready to dominate in 2022. Let me know your 2022 goals and what help you need to achieve them in the comments below.