If you give yourself two weeks to complete a project, how long does it take? (Two weeks, right?)
If you give yourself two days to finish it, how long does it take? (Two days, right?)
It’s been said that “Work expands to fill the time we allow for its completion.”
And it’s true!
So let’s stop and think about what that really means…
You know you’re capable of getting more done in less time.
But what prevents you from doing so are two main culprits:

  • Lack of structure in your schedule
  • Lack of discipline in your work


Here’s Why I Bring it Up…

Here in Q4, we’re closing in on the time of year to build your 2019 business plan.
Before you do, it’s important to establish how much time you’re giving yourself to work.
I want to make sure you achieve the quality of life you desire in 2019.
That means you need to…
Schedule your life BEFORE your business.
So let’s do that together in this blog!
Let’s get excited for the fun you’re going to have in 2019!
What I want to help you create is a framework that identifies when you’ll work – and more importantly, when you won’t work – in 2019.
If you’re not quite ready, bookmark this blog and schedule time in your calendar right now…  and then come back to it when you’re ready to start planning 2019.

Ready? Let’s Go!

To start, take out your 2019 calendar, go through the entire year and reserve time for all of these things for quality of life:

  • Your regular day(s) off – When is your “sacred” time each week?
  • Your vacations – Where and when will you go in 2019? (Even if you don’t have the specifics yet, reserve the time now. Otherwise, you know what will happen.)
  • Holidays & Family time – How much time off do you want around the holidays?
  • “Me” time – Do you give yourself enough personal time to decompress, brainstorm, reflect or just recharge your batteries?
  • Training events you plan to attend – You should attend a minimum of at least one event per quarter in 2019. Be sure to include sufficient travel time.
  • Regimented “training” time – Build your gym schedule, masterminds and other personal development time into your calendar.

You’ve already cut 365 days down to probably around 250 or so… Feeling that extra urgency yet?
Clearly, not everything can be planned ahead of time. Add important, must-attend events like your kid’s soccer games and school functions as schedules get released, etc.

Take the Next Steps

This can’t be an empty exercise… You need to take action to ensure it leads to your desired quality-of-life outcome.
Here are two ways to ensure your success:

  1. Put some skin in the game – Don’t just make plans. Book your trips and buy your plane tickets. Taking those steps now will make it “real” and lock you in to your schedule.
  2. Hold yourself accountable – Whether it’s your spouse, your kids, your coach, your broker, a peer… Make a deal with someone who will hold you accountable to the schedule you’re creating for yourself. This doesn’t mean you can’t be flexible every once in a while, but more often than not, you need to build in a painful consequence if you fail to honor your schedule. (Example: You give each of your kids $50 anytime you end up working on a designated “day off.”)