It’s a simple fact of life:

When people don’t feel confident about what they’re supposed to do, they often freeze up and don’t do anything at all.

And chances are, too many consumers are lacking confidence when it comes to buying or selling a home right now.

And you, as an agent, might be right there with them. These are unprecedented times and we’re all exploring how we process it.

But there are some great examples of how to continue taking action responsibly and instill confidence in consumers… And lucky for me, I’m in touch with many of these people regularly through our new Pivot program webinars designed to keep you and your business moving forward throughout this disruption.

For today’s blog, I’ve created a list of 20 powerful ways to create confidence in today’s uncertain world. They’re mostly unrelated to one another and not listed in any particular order, but the more of these you practice, the more of a leadership role you’ll attain. Let’s start.

Creating Confidence Tip No. 1: Take Your MEDS

I know, I know… You’ve probably heard me say this already. But it’s that important! If you’re not taking care of yourself and you’re sluggish as a result, you will NOT instill confidence in others. So take your “MEDS” by Meditating, Exercising, watching your Diet and getting enough Sleep.

Creating Confidence Tip No. 2: Role Play

Today’s environment requires a new way to talk to people, and the more you practice your new and/or adjusted scripts (such as those found in the brand-new Pivot Scriptbook for Pivot members), the more confidence you’ll convey. If you’re the type who says you’re always too busy to role play, chances are you have a little more time on your hands now. So find a partner and practice!

Creating Confidence Tip No. 3: Be True to Yourself

Trying to be something you’re not isn’t going to convey confidence… unless you’ve got Meryl Streep-like acting abilities. If you see something that’s working now but it doesn’t “feel” like you, figure out how to adjust it into your wheelhouse. Also, be authentic about your feelings. You don’t need to be made of steel to succeed in today’s environment. You need to be relatable, and lots of people are feeling a wide variety of emotions. It’s okay to be there with them and make yourself vulnerable sometimes.