Whether you’re a new agent or top producer here are 15 rules (split into three top 5 lists) of what you NEED to know…

5 Commitments for All Agents

1. Prospect daily: Stay in touch with your database.

2. Provide “extraordinary” customer service.

3. Respond in a timely manner – “Speed to lead” is crucial.

4. Keep your word – high trust relationships are key!

5. Get organized with proven systems and processes.

5 Steps for New Agents

6. Create a Business Plan (and actually follow it).

7. Build your database from your Sphere of Influence … then CALL them!

8. Do as many Open Houses as possible – I can’t stress this enough!

9. Write and send hand written notes – the extra effort goes a LONG way.

10. Preview homes – know your market and be the expert!

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