11 Choices You Need to Make for Life & Business After-COVID (AC)

11 Choices You Need to Make for Life & Business After-COVID (AC) photo
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A lot of people would probably love to hit a “reset” button and have everything revert back to the normality of Before-COVID (BC).

That would be amazing.

But it’s not reality.

We’ve all been confronted with a very serious challenge, and we’ve responded. We’ve had to look inside ourselves, adapt to a new environment, and change how we do things.

And in some cases, that’s been a good thing.

Like this, that my friend @thebrokeagent posted the other day, including his usual hint of snark:

All kidding aside, there’s a big question you need to answer… Which tactics from During-COVID (DC) do you want to hold on to as we eventually move to After-COVID (AC) times?

Let’s talk about it… and I’ll also show you one easy way to solidify all of those tactics.


Many Real-World Advantages to Going Virtual

I know a lot of people have discovered there are definite advantages to “going virtual” – not only for yourself, but also for your clients.

You can react quicker.

You can reach more people.

You can work more efficiently with the right tech in place.

You can conduct business from anywhere – with anyone around the globe.

Bottom line… you can sell more houses in less time.

So now you have some choices to make.


Interim or Permanent… You Decide!

Sometimes when a sports team fires a coach or manager, they name an “interim” coach to take over. It’s sort of a trial period while they figure out who is actually the best person for that role. Sometimes they truly are “interim,” and other times they prove themselves and are given the job on a permanent basis.

I think you should look at the new activities you’ve adopted DC in that same light.

Some of them you’ll be eager to leave behind forever.

Others will become woven into your everyday routines.

And then there are the “in-betweeners,” things you don’t fully adopt but keep in your back pocket as an option when the situation calls for it.

I’d urge you to read through the following 11 actions and decide for yourself – Moving forward, is this something I want to ditch immediately, make permanent, or use only when circumstances call for it?


No. 1: Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

As recently as mid-March, many people doubted that they could operate in a “stay home” world.

Am I talking to you?

Then they saw how to adapt. They started using new tools and ideas that allowed them to continue working. They stretched their own boundaries to start doing video or market themselves in new ways.

And today, they’re more confident in their abilities than ever.

All because they eliminated their limiting beliefs and took action anyway.

What do you think… Good one to keep moving forward? I hope you say yes.


No. 2: Working from Home

This one is probably different for everyone, but I know some agents have found getting away from the drama of the office to be a refreshing alternative.

It really all depends on you and your situation, so I encourage you to evaluate how your experience has been.

Should you work from home more in the future, or are you better suited for the office?

(If you said office, I’d caution you against being too reliant on that; many businesses may opt to downsize office space in the wake of COVID, and you may be forced to adjust. That’s why it’s good to be prepared now.)


No. 3: Virtual Listing Presentations

The feedback I’m getting is that consumers have been surprisingly open and adaptable to conducting business via Zoom, making video listing presentations a viable option moving forward into more “normal” times.

They provide better flexibility, schedule-wise, meaning you may be able to “beat the competition to the punch” by going virtual.

They arguably allow you to demonstrate your technology even better than you can in-person.

They free up time on your schedule by not having to drive to and from appointments.

They make it easier on the homeowner by not feeling the need to clean and prepare every inch of their home for a tour.

Those are just a few pros off the top of my head. What’s your experience been? Will you continue conducting virtual listing presentations, or are you eager to get face-to-face once again?

Haven’t figured these out yet? Click here.


No. 4: Virtual Buyer Consultations

Let’s admit it… One of the most common complaints out of agents’ mouths is that buyers tend to eat up so much time – with no promise of any reward.

In addition to many of the same benefits as virtual listing presentations…

…Virtual buyer consultations can cut down that potentially “wasted” time.

They also allow you to connect with out-of-town buyers relocating to your area earlier.

You can also screen share to take buyers inside the MLS and show them what’s available at or near their price point. This can serve as a “reality check” right from the start in case a buyer’s expectations are unrealistic.

I’m not saying one way is necessarily better than the other, but you must agree that having the capability of conducting virtual buyer consultations is a good skill to have, right?


No. 5: Virtual Open Houses

TheBrokeAgent pretty much nailed it on this one, right? Let’s keep moving.


No. 6: Virtual Webinars & Educational Events

Agents everywhere have had to find ingenious new ways to attract leads and educate consumers, and many have found success by conducting virtual webinars.

What about you? Have you set up any opportunities for your social followers to join you on a Facebook Live Q&A session, or for a market update open forum?

If yes, way to go! If not, maybe you should. What do you think?


No. 7: More Video-First Marketing

In an age of social distancing, doorknocking and pop-ins are strictly verboten.

Same goes for coffee meetings, networking mixers and other impromptu meet-ups that might lead to new business.

Which all means… Never has there been a better time to embrace video!

I’ve mentioned in some recent blogs how proud I am to have received notes from people who had resisted video for years but were finally forced to adapt due to this crisis.

If you’re in that camp, bravo! If you’re still on the fence, it’s time to get over it and hit that red button. Envision that you’re talking to one specific person on the other end and be yourself. You got this!


No. 8: More Personal “Touch Base” Calls with Your Clients

You know it, I know it, but we all tend to get busy and de-prioritize it…

The more you stay in contact with your past clients and sphere, the more referrals you’re going to get and more business, period.

Many salespeople I’m talking to recently have upped their communication and are seeing great results from it… Not necessarily calling with a sales pitch, but just checking in to see how people are doing and having a quick conversation.

Those calls go a long way anytime, but I think this pandemic has hammered home how valuable they can actually be.

Will you commit to making those calls After-COVID?


No. 9: Using Tech More Efficiently to Free Up Your Time

It almost goes without saying… Technology has played a huge role in allowing us to keep our businesses moving forward during this “stay home” era.

Many agents had to adopt new tech they’d never tried before… and found how much easier their roles became as a result.

My hope for you moving forward is that you keep an open mind to how technology can help you free up your schedule and become more efficient, and ultimately, more productive.

This is a perfect opportunity to introduce a brand-new addition to our events lineup called Virtual Edge. It will take place June 3-4, online only, led by the amazing coach and 30+ year real estate veteran Yvonne Arnold.

The event is basically two days of online training based on the exact concept of this blog – that many of the tactics we’ve all developed and used over the last two months are valuable anytime. So it’s time to learn them and adopt them… or get left behind!

As of now, this is a one-time event, so make sure to get your tickets now. All ticket holders will also get 7-day playback capabilities in case you can’t watch the entire event live. Check out all the details of what you’ll learn here.


No. 10: Using the Cloud to Go Paperless

Have you realized how freeing it can be to not have to remember every last paper when conducting a presentation?

The more we store information in “the cloud” and go paperless in our businesses, the more efficient we will become.

This will be another big topic to be discussed during Virtual Edge. I hope you’ll join us!


No. 11: Time Blocking & Better Time Management Overall

Being home with a family and other distractions can cause some real challenges for busy professionals like you and me.

But the best around have figured out ways to block out “work time” vs. “home time,” and it’s a skill that we should probably all keep refining even after this health crisis is in the rear-view mirror.

Quite simply, the more effectively you can build your schedule and block out your time, the more productive (and fulfilled) you’re going to be.

(And yes, Yvonne will be tackling this topic at Virtual Edge as well.)


So that’s it… 11 tactics you should consider keeping even as we eventually move to the After-COVID era. In the comments below, let me know which ones sound most appealing to you! Thanks for reading and good luck making a seamless transition to being a “virtual” agent – for both NOW and LATER!


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