A lot of people would probably love to hit a “reset” button and have everything revert back to the normality of Before-COVID (BC).

That would be amazing.

But it’s not reality.

We’ve all been confronted with a very serious challenge, and we’ve responded. We’ve had to look inside ourselves, adapt to a new environment, and change how we do things.

And in some cases, that’s been a good thing.

Like this, that my friend @thebrokeagent posted the other day, including his usual hint of snark:

All kidding aside, there’s a big question you need to answer… Which tactics from During-COVID (DC) do you want to hold on to as we eventually move to After-COVID (AC) times?

Let’s talk about it… and I’ll also show you one easy way to solidify all of those tactics.

Many Real-World Advantages to Going Virtual

I know a lot of people have discovered there are definite advantages to “going virtual” – not only for yourself, but also for your clients.

You can react quicker.

You can reach more people.

You can work more efficiently with the right tech in place.

You can conduct business from anywhere – with anyone around the globe.

Bottom line… you can sell more houses in less time.

So now you have some choices to make.

Interim or Permanent… You Decide!

Sometimes when a sports team fires a coach or manager, they name an “interim” coach to take over. It’s sort of a trial period while they figure out who is actually the best person for that role. Sometimes they truly are “interim,” and other times they prove themselves and are given the job on a permanent basis.

I think you should look at the new activities you’ve adopted DC in that same light.

Some of them you’ll be eager to leave behind forever.

Others will become woven into your everyday routines.

And then there are the “in-betweeners,” things you don’t fully adopt but keep in your back pocket as an option when the situation calls for it.

I’d urge you to read through the following 11 actions and decide for yourself – Moving forward, is this something I want to ditch immediately, make permanent, or use only when circumstances call for it?