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Creating A Winning Team Culture | REal Success Episode 18

What do all of the top companies right now have in common? Companies like Google, Nextflix, Amazon, Apple, Zappos and more. They have all learned how to foster a winning company culture. As the trend of teams in real estate gains more traction it’s more important than ever to create a winning culture in your […]

Teams Are The Future of Real Estate! Are You Ready? – #TomFerryShow

Teams are the future of real estate. And the future is now! Total team domination is one of the hottest trend in real estate right now. In the United States there are approximately 35,000 -50,000 teams. And I predict that in 3 years there will be over 100,000 teams. Are you ready? Is your business […]

7 Real Estate Trends that will Increase your Income – #TomFerryShow

You’re following the seasonal trends of real estate, but are you following the market trends? These Trends are constantly changing and evolving …but here are 7 trends that are affecting your business today. Go to (4:59) to learn about the irrelevant agent. Go to (7:09) to find out why teams are taking over. Go to […]

Top 10 Tips To Lead A Successful Team

Good leaders know that they’re only as successful as their team. But how do you build and then maintain a great team? Maybe you already have good people but they’re not producing like they could be. Go through my top 10 tips below and watch your teams productivity rise!