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Real Estate Scripts: My NEW Best Response for “How’s the Market?”

Things change in this industry all the time. But since at least 2009, I’ve stuck with a script I feel is the best response to the question you probably hear five times a day, if not more: “How’s the market?” But that was then. This is now. A…

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4 Scripts to Maximize Listing Opportunities Right Now! – #TomFerryShow

Tell me if this sounds familiar… You open the MLS to find a new listing from the “usual suspect” in your market… Or you drive down the street and there’s yet another new sign in a yard, and yep, it’s from that same agent… “HOW DO…

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7 Scripts for Confidence & Win Business – #TomFerryShow

Having the right answer or knowing what to say in specific situations can make all the difference in the world. Today I’m sharing proven scripts for seven specific situations you might find yourself in – when it’s absolutely crucial that you…

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‘Holiday’ Objection-Handling Scripts to Keep Your Business Thriving – #TomFerryShow

Tell me if this sounds familiar… You begin talking to someone in early November about listing their home, and once things start showing some promise, they suddenly blurt out this dreaded sentence: “We’ve decided it might be best to wait until…

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Advanced Sales Skills and Scripts to Influence People | #TBT

Is the force strong in your business sales? Are you a powerful sales Jedi that creates influence and opportunity with people that ultimately chooses you to be their agent? I’m covering “Sales Jedi Mind Tricks” in today’s…

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Real Estate Scripts Roundup: 11 Scripts to Win More Business

We talk a lot about real estate scripts on the #TomFerryShow and in this blog. Why? Because they’re difference makers. When you know what to say… …You pick up the phone more frequently. …You deliver with confidence. …And you convert more…

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5 Fantastic Scripts to Overcome Frequent Objections – #TomFerryShow

Getting an objection might strike fear in some people. Not me. The way I see it, an objection is just one step closer to a “yes.” ESPECIALLY when you know what to say. That’s what this #TomFerryShow is all about… knowing what to say when…

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5 Scripts Every Agent Needs in Today’s Market – #TomFerryShow

Knowledge = confidence. Ignorance = fear. It’s not a difficult decision which one is better. Especially when your income is at stake. In this #TomFerryShow, I’m sharing five scripts every agent needs to know. These five scripts will provide the…

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