Tom Ferry’s new real estate AI is a game-changer.

When you think of real estate AI, you probably think of general AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney that agents can adapt for their own purposes. And those are all great.

But until now, there has never been a fully functional AI chatbot specifically designed to meet the needs of real estate agents – let alone one trained by the industry’s top coaches. 

Well… Allow us to introduce you to TomAI – AI for real estate agents that will revolutionize the game. 

In this blog, we’ll cover exactly what TomAI does, how it’s different from other AI chatbots, how it’ll change the way you do business, and how to gain access. But first, we need to talk about AI’s role in our industry so you can have a better understanding of what this powerful tool is for. 

Let’s start with the question that so many agents are asking…

Will AI Replace Real Estate Agents?

No, AI will NOT replace real estate agents, at least not any time soon. What it could possibly do is weed out the uncommitted agents, the part-timers, or those who aren’t offering the highest amount of value. 

So much of real estate is about the human touch, the connection between agent and client. AI isn’t going to ever replace that. 

The agents who AI definitely won’t replace are the ones who effectively integrate AI into their businesses and take the fullest advantage of it. You have to think of it as a tool, not a competitor to be scared of. That’s what TomAI is all about.

Have no doubt, the future is here. You can’t resist it, but also, why would you want to? AI is going to make you better at your job, help you accomplish more in less time, and serve more people. But you need to be an early adopter. That’s the key, and it’s why our most popular new training Program is all about how to use it! 

TomAI – The Best AI for Real Estate Agents

So what is TomAI and why is it the best AI for real estate agents? 

TomAI is like a coach and a marketing machine you can access 24/7 from anywhere. Imagine taking all the knowledge of the industry’s best real estate coaches (including head coach Tom Ferry himself), toss in all of the webinars, podcasts, scripts, and resources we’ve compiled over the years, and infuse it with the greatest AI computing power available – that’s TomAI. 

AI and real estate naturally go together, but this is the first and only fully functional chatbot designed specifically for real estate professionals. It’s capable of not only answering your specific questions but also creating marketing materials and helping to craft your plans. 

Here are just a few of the prompts you can feed to TomAI:

  • “Provide a script for approaching FSBO’s in a down-market, using language to mitigate most common push backs” 
  • “Create an email that introduces me to potential buyers and focuses on my strengths. My strengths include……” 
  • “I need to hire an assistant that has experience with working with a team of 20 or more agents. What interview questions should I ask?”

And that’s just scratching the surface of the possibilities with real estate and TomAI. Think about how your business could be different if you could generate answers AND WRITTEN CONTENT like that on demand. 

TomAI Features

As our coaching members likely remember, TomAI was in beta mode for a while as we trained and fine-tuned it into what it is today. But with the full launch, we’ve introduced a few new features that greatly enhance the experience. 

Effortless illūm Functionality

There’s no need to install some crazy application. Tom Ferry coaching members know illūm well – it’s our one-stop hub for everything from scheduling a coaching call to managing your calendar, finding the perfect training video, and downloading the resources you need. TomAI is available as a little button right there on the main dashboard. One click opens it up. 

Total Mobile Optimization

With TomAI available in the illūm app, it’s almost like having a coach in your pocket wherever you are. 

Organize Your Chats for Every Purpose

TomAI allows you to open multiple chats, label them, and organize them for all your individual needs. You can create chats for specific marketing channels, scripts, SOPs, or anything else. All your results will save so you can return to them any time.

Shareable Links

Did you just generate something you need to share with your team? Select portions of the chat or create a link of the entire thing that you can easily text or email. You can also download a neatly laid-out PDF of your entire chats to share or print. 

The Best Real Estate AI Ever – And the Safest

AI data privacy is often a concern, but TomAI was built on the foundation of total data privacy. 

TomAI knowledge has been sourced from across the Tom Ferry ecosystem, including webinars, scripts, presentations, and countless hours of coach-delivered insights. All real estate and AI data has been depersonalized so we can ensure that only relevant real estate information has been reported.

TomAI vs. ChatGPT for Real Estate

Building on everything we’ve already covered, TomAI might work just like ChatGPT in terms of functionality, but they are NOT the same. 

ChatGPT has been trained by two things: people and the internet. That means that when you’re talking about the “Best real estate strategies,” you could be talking about strategies from 2007, 1992, 2020, or just a few years ago, and those strategies could be coming from anyone – including non-real estate professionals or a compilation of random information. It is great for people who need content for blogs. It is NOT great for someone who actually needs to implement these strategies. 

TomAI on the other hand is meant for ONLY real estate agents and its knowledge comes straight from coaches who know what’s working NOW! That’s the difference between a coach and an agent. An agent sees what they have personally done. A coach sees the results of what everyone has done, synthesizes and optimizes it, and then helps adapt it to your unique situation. 

Sure, ChatGPT will give you some marketing headlines, but it’s not going to give you only the headlines that will actually move the needle forward. 

A Powerful Advantage – Not a Replacement 

AI real estate tools are powerful and extremely helpful and TomAI stands above the rest. But that said, it’s not enough on its own. 

TomAI is a coaching supplement that brings together real estate and AI, NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR HAVING A COACH! 

I said at the beginning that not even the best AI real estate tool could ever replace agents, and that goes for coaches too. Only a human coach with years of experience can look at your business and identify the things you didn’t see. And only a human coach can give you the level of accountability and support to show up as your best self every single day. 

But it’s not a competition. When you combine the wisdom and direction of a coach with the power and versatility of TomAI, you have the kind of advantage that your competitors could only dream of. 

That’s why TomAI is available only to Tom Ferry coaching members – and it’s available in illūm right now! If you’re interested in knowing more about how it works or want to gain access, it all starts by scheduling a call with one of our experts.