Unless this blog is your first exposure to me, I’m pretty sure you know my feelings about video.

We’re living in a video-first marketing environment…

…yet many agents are still afraid to step in front of the camera.

Those who have adopted video are building rapport with their audiences and naturally attracting new business.

Meanwhile, those who aren’t using video are falling further and further behind.

Today’s blog aims to help you overcome your fears by showing you five different ways to “do” video. There are lots of ways to go about it, and maybe you just haven’t found the approach that’s right for you yet.

Let’s go!


Video Option No. 1: Educational Videos

You wouldn’t be in this business if you didn’t believe in your ability to answer people’s real estate questions and help guide them to success when buying or selling a home.


So cut out the middleman and start answering those questions proactively on video.

Creating consistent educational video content is one way to establish yourself as the go-to “knowledge broker” in your market.

All you have to do is think of some of the questions you get asked most, set up a tripod with your camera, hit “RECORD,” and answer to the camera. Or if looking into the camera doesn’t work for you, look to the side as if someone is interviewing you or you’re talking to a client.

Educational videos can also entail talking about a hot topic in the market today… maybe you create a video walking people through how you helped a buyer get their offer accepted in today’s ultra-competitive market.

Or it could go in a totally different direction – maybe you’d prefer to educate people about the community you serve by talking to local business owners or interviewing public figures like school principals.

You’re limited only by your own imagination.

Approach it from a place of service so you don’t feel like you’re “selling yourself” in the videos. Just turn on the camera, educate and inform the viewer, thank them for watching and let them know how to get in touch with you.

It’s simple! Who’s in? Let me know in the comments below.


Video Option No. 2: ‘The News’

I’m starting out with things I believe will be less intimidating for some people new to video. Following up on the “education” theme is something somewhat similar – become the “real estate news” source for your market!

Hopefully you already follow and know this stuff already.

So share it in a weekly show called “How’s the Market in [Your Town Here]?” or something more catchy or clever.

You can talk about how many homes sold, how many came on the market, average time on market, average sales price vs. asking, any trends you see emerging, etc. Share the news, give some insight on the national real estate market (Keeping Current Matters is a great resource for this), sprinkle in your opinion, and get out!

Here’s the thing: Doing this once or twice or even every week for a couple months isn’t going to suddenly make you the go-to agent in your market. But when you do it consistently for months or years at a time, people will notice and your phone will begin to ring.

Make the commitment and start!


Video Option No. 3: Over-the-Top Listing Videos

Notice I specified “over the top” on this one.

Why? Because ordinary listing videos might satisfy your seller, but they don’t get your town talking about you.

Two names come to mind – among many others – who are setting the standard for creating “wow” home tour videos today: Brad McCallum of Calgary, AB, and Tim Smith of Newport Beach, CA.

Catch Brad’s tips on This Week in Marketing

Hear from Tim and his videographer on the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

I’m not going to tell you it’s easy to create exceptional listing videos. But I will tell you it’s worth the effort (and investment) if no one else in your market is doing it.

For those who are camera shy, this offers another potential benefit – YOU don’t necessarily need to be in the videos. You’ll notice Brad conducts the tours in all of his videos, while Tim’s “films” typically feature hired actors. If you’re deathly afraid of the camera, maybe follow Tim’s lead.


Video Option No. 4: Short-Form Reels & Instagram

Short-form video is often associated with dances or trending sounds, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a multi-talented performer to capitalize on it.

You can blend No. 1 above – educational content – with short-form trends to reach audiences in a new way.

Or maybe you’ll find you enjoy the challenge of creating content to thematically match a trending song.

My advice? Start by watching others and then experiment on your own.


Video Option No. 5: Yes, I’m Gonna Say It… TikTok

I could’ve easily combined TikTok into No. 4 above, but I opted to make it its own category for one reason… to move you beyond the stigma that it’s only for lip-synching schoolkids.

TikTok is growing rapidly and can really be anything you want it to be.

You might just surprise yourself like some of our coaching members have by finding your niche on TikTok.

Take Glennda Baker, for example. She started using the platform to tell quick real estate-related stories, and quickly amassed more than half a million followers – many of whom reach out to her for help with their real estate needs. As a result, her “prospecting” time now consists of following up on comments and direct messages rather than making cold calls.

So don’t dismiss it before you explore it.


To wrap this up, if you’ve been reluctant to adopt video, maybe it’s just because you haven’t found your niche. Try whichever approach above sounds most like “you” and commit to giving it a shot. Like anything, it will take time to feel comfortable doing it. Be patient and never forget – outside your comfort zone is where all growth takes place. Also, video will be a big topic covered at our upcoming Sales & Marketing Edge events… don’t miss out!

Which option resonates most with you? Let me know in the comments below. I especially want to hear from you if you’ve never done video before.