Why are real estate scripts so important? 

Real estate scripts are misunderstood. They aren’t about making you sound like a cookie-cutter robot or not allowing you to be yourself. 

It’s exactly the opposite. They’re about giving you a framework for communication so that you can break the ice and get your message across clearly. Scripts give you the freedom to be yourself without fumbling for what to say next. 

If you came here looking for some effective Tom Ferry scripts, you’ll get them. But this blog is also about how to use real estate agent scripts more effectively. Once you have a great script and know how to use it, that’s where your greatness begins to shine.

What are real estate scripts? 

Real estate scripts are pre-planned, practiced conversations or text communication with specific phrasing meant to gain a reaction or form a connection with a buyer or seller. Emails and texts are also scripts.

There is an art to creating good realtor scripts and an art to modifying them. 

Bad scripts either lock you into a corner or give you too much freedom in the wrong areas so that the conversation flows in unnatural ways. Here’s a bad script:

“Hey Dave, it’s Tom Ferry at Banana Realty. How are you doing today?” 

“That’s good to hear. Have you thought about buying or selling real estate recently?” 

“Well in that case, do you know anyone who may be interested?”

How do you use real estate scripts? 

A good real estate script on the other hand makes it easy to pick up the phone. Good scripts usually work in two different ways simultaneously:

  • As a direct script you can read off. Important for hooks and value points.
  • As  a template that can be adjusted as the conversation flows. 

Here’s an example of a great listing script for real estate agents to use. 

Make sure your script checks off these boxes:

  • Gives you a sense of comfort and certainty when picking up the phone
  • Interesting opening hook
  • Sounds natural
  • Adds value
  • Objection handlers 
  • Clear CTA and next steps

Now, let’s dive into some tips on how to make the most out of your scripts. 

Use Assumptive Language

Assumptive language is about making the person you’re talking to feel as if they’ve already taken the next step, such as “When we get together” or “After we sell your home for top dollar.” It paints a picture in their mind. 

Keep it Simple Over Text

When it comes to email or text messages, you gotta grab them fast. Here’s an awesome appointment setting script that does just that. 

Go to Zillow and take a screenshot of a past client’s home with the price included in it.

Next, put the picture in the body of an email (not as an attachment) that says:

“Zillow says your home is worth $______. Do you agree with that price? I have my opinion. What do you think?”

Simple, clean, and EXTREMELY effective. 

Prepare for Objections

The entire point of having a script is to be prepared and always know what to say next. But the issue is, conversations aren’t a one-way street. Objection handlers are scripts in themselves. You can find objection handler scripts of their own or you can create your own to match any script you may be using. 

If you want to see objections handled masterfully, there’s no one better than Mr. Exactly What To Say himself, Phil Jones. Check out where he shows you how to handle objections. As you’ll see, it often comes down to leading the conversation through progressive questions. 

Practice and Roleplay

The only way your scripts are going to sound natural and actually make your life easier is if they become second nature. That will only happen through practice and roleplay. 

Our coaching members dedicate themselves to roleplaying and helping each other fine-tune their scripts through  practice, feedback, and testing objections. Hundreds of Tom Ferry scripts are available to members through our online learning platform. 

Be sure to have scripts prepared for all these occasions:

Stick to the Truth

Brian Boero, the co-founder of 1000Watt, one of the leaders in real estate data and brand building, has said that truth is always the best script. I fully believe in that. 

Realtor scripts are not meant to make embellishments sound like the truth. Instead, they should make it easier to confront hard truths head-on without fear. 

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