Even in a year that many of us would like to forget, there are lessons to be learned.

You might even say it’s years like 2020 that teach us the most… because we’re constantly being challenged and asked to seek out new solutions.

With that in mind, I thought I’d use today’s last blog of the year to revisit 10 of the most-read blogs I published over the last 12 months.

There are lessons and reminders in each of these that are worth revisiting, so let’s begin…

10th Most-Read Blog of 2020:

36 Reasons Why Now Is NOT the Time to Sit on The Sidelines

I saw lots of agents “furloughing themselves” early on in the pandemic, and this blog illustrated that those who were determined to find a way were actually succeeding. It’s a great one to revisit anytime your mindset needs a little adjustment.


9th Most-Read Blog of 2020:

5 New Agent Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Real Estate Career

Shooting yourself in the foot as a new real estate agent can set you back significantly. I outlined five of the biggest mistakes I see on a regular basis.


8th Most-Read Blog of 2020:

5 Things You Can Do Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Early in the pandemic, lots of people needed a nudge or a “pep talk” to get into action. But truth be told, the five actions covered in this blog don’t require “stay at home” orders to be relevant – they are truly evergreen. So bookmark this one and return to it when needed!


7th Most-Read Blog of 2020: