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Five Scripts to Overcome the Most Common Objections in Real Estate

Can you remember a time when a potential client said something that completely stopped you in your tracks? You know what I’m talking about… Let’s say you meet with homeowners who were thinking of selling their home … and they ask you to cut your commission to 1% … what would you say?

Fearless Objection Handling – #TomFerryShow

As you are probably well aware, the failure rate for real estate agents is 87%. The reason for this failure? Lack of sales training and fear! Most people are afraid to handle sales objections and make the close, so they simply don’t. When you know how to answer objections they work to your advantage. Each […]

Top 10 Objections and the Scripts to Overcome Them

The truth hurts … So when I ask if you want to know a secret about sales, I have to warn you that you might not like the answer. It’s an important truth though, because once you know it you are much more likely to become a better salesperson. Here’s the secret – you’re supposed […]

Top 10 Objections and the Scripts to Overcome them

Overcoming objections and walking away with a YES is a skill every real estate professional must master. Top 10 Objections and the Proven Scripts to Overcome Them 1. I have a friend in the business who will give me a discount commission. Will you do the same? No…I would suggest working with your friend instead…(pause)…(Name), I’m […]