Convert More Of Your Online Leads | REal Success Episode 26

Are you maximizing your online lead sources?

This week’s REal Success features rockstar agent Becky Garcia sharing how she has over a 10% conversion rate for online leads!

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Keys to Being a Successful Leader | REal Success Episode 25

Every real estate agent is a leader!

You might be leading your team of agents…

Or you’re simply leading the transaction, and you are the voice of reason that is keeping the deal together.

Today’s REal Success is all about how to be a more effective leader, and we are hearing from industry expert Todd Conklin.

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Setting 270 Appointments in a Year | REal Success Episode 23

Here’s what’s interesting about the human mind…

We set our own barriers to success.

In this episode of REal Success, you’ll learn what is REALLY possible in real estate.

James Suarez is living proof of what is possible – he set an appointment every single day … for an entire year straight!

Can YOU imagine what your business would look like if you had a DAILY appointment?

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Age Is Not a Limit For Success | REal Success Episode 22

This month on REal Success Coach Bill Pipes talks with rockstar agent Ed Converse.

Many of you might have seen Ed on a panel at this past Summit.

Ed is 76 is years old and works in the areas north of Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

When the market was tanking 9 years ago, Ed jumped right in starting a new career in real estate!

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Proven Strategies That Can Transform Any Agent Into A Top Producer| REal Success Episode 21

This week on REal Success, Coach Bill Pipes, interviews Jeff Mays!

Jeff Mays has been in real estate for 26 years, lives in Richmond, VA and started in real estate shortly after college.

Jeff has held various real estate positions including buyer’s agent, agent, trainer, broker/owner, and coach.

The success Jeff has achieved comes from two key areas…

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How to Adapt in a Constantly Changing Real Estate Market | REal Success Episode 20

REal Success is a collection of truly Fearless people, and this week is no exception.

Bill Pipes has a great interview with rockstar agent Carin Nguyen.

Some facts about Carin:

  • She started out in real estate 2006 in Phoenix.  

  • Last year she closed 213 units, she is trending for 400 this year, and has a goal of 500 homes sold.
  • She has 15 agents on her team with a goal of 20 by the end of the month

It is easy to think that all successful people became that way overnight, but that is almost never the case.

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The Easiest Way to Build a Profitable Referral Network | REal Success Episode 19

Are you ready to take your sales to the next level?

This week on REal Success you’ll hear from rock star agent Steven Cohen.  

Last year he did $120 million in sales and now has an aggressive goal of $170 million in sales this year.

Steven has built this successful business by cultivating relationships. 

Several years ago Steven Cohen made the jump from $40 million per year to $90 million per year in sales. 

He did this after I asked him this important question:

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Creating A Winning Team Culture | REal Success Episode 18

What do all of the top companies right now have in common?

Companies like Google, Nextflix, Amazon, Apple, Zappos and more.

They have all learned how to foster a winning company culture.

As the trend of teams in real estate gains more traction it’s more important than ever to create a winning culture in your real estate business!

In this episode of REal Success Bill Pipes interviews one of our top coaching clients about his process for finding the right people, onboarding, training and empowering!

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Time Management Secrets Every Real Estate Agent Should Know | REal Success Episode 17

Jim Rohn said it best when he said, “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

In this episode of REal Success we talk to Bree Phillips who has mastered time management for nearly perfect work-life balance.

We are all given the same 24 hours in a day … but have you noticed how some agents are just able to get way more done? And how they have more free time for family and friends and make more money?

There’s a reason for that …

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Achieving Massive Success by Farming | REal Success Episode 16

In this episode of REal Success, Coach Bill Pipes talks with Team+ Coaching member, Brandon Howe, about how he achieves massive success through Geographic Farming. Brandon has gone from 46 – to – 96 – to – 139 transactions in just three years!  He says that  50% of his business comes from his farm and that he has mastered the formula for achieving 4-to-1 return on every dollar spent on farming.

This is one video you’ll want to watch and re-watch to retain all of the best practices Brandon shares.  We’ll do our best to summarize them here. Click here to read more »






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