Create An #Unstoppable Mindset | Tips From Tom


Successful Real Estate agents will tell you that to be successful, you have to have the right mindset. I want you to have an unstoppable mindset! Start by following these super quick and easy steps everyday to get yourself pumped up about your business.

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Be An #Unstoppable Prospector | Tips From Tom


If you’re not picking up the phone everyday to prospect, I want to know why. Is it that you have a fear of being rejected? Are you making excuses? Are you procrastinating or just flat out avoiding the task of picking up the phone and calling potential clients? Whatever the reason, just follow these 5 tips and get over it!  Continue reading “Be An #Unstoppable Prospector | Tips From Tom”

How to Always Win Even Under Pressure | Tom Ferry


We experience pressure from all things in life. So when you get “squeezed,” how do you react? How do you deal with it?

One of my great mentors Bill Mitchel once said “in your life, if you continue to plant doubt, lack and limitation; you don’t get wealth, success and abundance.”

This applies so much on how we do business. If you get “squeezed” by a seller, a buyer, another agent or if something doesn’t go your way, don’t allow that to break you. If you react to a situation negatively, it will follow you throughout the day and can affect those around you and even your income. Just remember this, a coal becomes a diamond under a lot of pressure. So, acknowledge the pressure and “squeeze” then move on. Don’t let negativity be your story – come out on top as a diamond!

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How to Convert More Real Estate Leads


I was speaking my good friend Greg Schwartz of Zillow the other day about the importance of converting leads and we both agreed that ALL THE MONEY IS IN CONVERSION.  And, when it comes to converting leads it’s all about SPEED TO LEAD.

The name of the game in today’s market is MODALITY!  When a person is on your website they are in the mode of taking ACTION.  If you wait too long to follow up with them their mood will have changed and you’re going to have to work harder on the conversion.

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