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7 Essential Questions to Gauge Your Progress Toward Your 2018 Goals

Picture two major cities in your mind. Now picture yourself in the cockpit of an airliner, piloting the plane from City A to City B. Once you got the plane airborne, what would you do? You might think you simply aim the plane toward your destination, and that’s all there is to it. But there’s […]

Plan Your Dive. Dive Your Plan.

One of my favorite highlights of 2017 was having David Goggins as a special guest speaker at our Success Summit last summer. As a former Navy SEAL, he shared his own extraordinary stories of the grit, perseverance and tenacity required to truly excel in any field. One of the topics he covered is especially relevant […]

3 Important Questions to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever – #TomFerryShow

Full disclosure: There was a point a couple months ago when I wasn’t feeling myself. I’d been traveling a lot, feeling a bit tired and even burned out. It’s not like me to lose my mojo like that. So I talked to my coach and explained that my energy level just wasn’t where I wanted […]

Four December Action Steps to Spur Success in 2018 – #TomFerryShow

I want 2018 to be your breakthrough year. That won’t happen by simply showing up on January 2, hoping it turns into a great year. It requires preparation. In that spirit, I’m sharing four actions to take in December that will put you on track for success in 2018. Let’s go!

Are You On The Right Track?

Will Rogers once said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” In my nearly 30 years of coaching, I’ve seen countless agents just sitting there… They know they need to take action, but aren’t sure what their next move should be. Fear begins to creep in, […]

Overcoming Your Excuses

Do you know an agent who is constantly using excuses? Maybe that agent is someone you see in the mirror every day! John Wooden once said “Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.” Here’s the thing about excuses…

The Hour-By-Hour Plan For A Real Estate Agent’s Perfect Day

One of the benefits to being a real estate agent is the freedom that this business gives you. There’s no time clock to punch or strict hours to abide by. You have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you choose. THIS, however, can also be a recipe for disaster. Sleeping ‘til 10am, a long […]

Gratitude, Love, & Accomplishments – #TomFerryShow

I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! During this time of year, I focus my attention to family, gratitude, love, contribution, and appreciation to the important things in life. I also find that during this time of year I start asking myself (and my friends and family) the same three questions…

How to Remove Doubt and Uncertainty – #TomFerryShow

Do you want total certainty in your business? What would it look like if you removed doubt, fear, and the unnecessary drama and anxiety from your business? I have good news for you… By doing this ONE THING you can create a certainty generator in your business.

Inspiration Over Income With Coach Bill Pipes

Seek inspiration over income. It’s a simple thought; however, I have found it to be critical over the last 25 years of coaching, speaking, and training. Anyone who ever said that success would be easy was either naive or selling you something. The truth is … success is a grind and requires a considerable amount […]

5 Steps To Increased Influence – Bill Pipes

What do the best salespeople know that others don’t? Why is it that it takes some real estate agents 15 conversations to generate a sale while it takes others hundreds of conversations? How can you connect with a complete stranger and within 15 seconds have them relating to you with trust, respect, and gratitude? The […]

The Forgotten Story of Mt. Everest

In 1852, the Great Trigonometric Survey of India declared a somewhat unknown peak in the mystical Himalayan Mountains, the “roof of the world.” Soon after, Mt. Everest became the ultimate geographic feat for anyone brave enough to attempt summiting the highest peak on the planet. The first attempt could not happen until 1921, when the […]

4 Ways to Avoid the Summer Slump – #TomFerryShow

Summer is a great time to relax, but don’t let yourself slip into that zone where you kill your momentum. You can still have fun, but making sure you have a plan set up now will ensure that you have a profitable summer and are positioned for continued success in the fall. Here are four […]

STOP the EXCUSES and Get More Done! – #TomFerryShow

Do you want to know something that really scares me? 33.3% of people will watch the Super Bowl … yet only 40% of people will make their lives better by setting goals. What’s even scarier about this statistic, is that of the 40% only 8% will actually follow through.  Wow! What the 32% of people who don’t follow through […]

8 Absolute Actions for December – #TomFerryShow

December is here! Hopefully all of you have completed your 2016 Business Plan by now and have set yourself up for success come January. Now it’s time to get uber-focused and knock out these 8 actions you absolutely need to do in the month of December. All 8 actions fall under 3 areas: Getting Organized, Filling […]