The Mindset, Plan, and Process for Success

Long ago I learned about the power that comes through accountability, mentorship, and coaching.

It helped me get serious about the goals I wanted to achieve, as well as connect with successful people who could guide me along the way.

One of my first mentors taught me something early on that I think about every day…

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3-Part Series: Appointment Setting – Best of #TomFerryShow

Tweet it Out: @TomFerry I'm loving the 3-part series on Appointment Setting. I'm a lean, mean, #appointmentsetting machine!

Are you ready to become a lean, mean, appointment setting machine?

Imagine how your business would change if you 10x the number of appointments you set.

A few months ago, I debuted a series of videos ALL about appointment setting.

Today I’m sharing them all in the consecutive 3-part series so that you can dominate your appointment setting.

Without further ado…

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Setting 270 Appointments in a Year | REal Success Episode 23

Here’s what’s interesting about the human mind…

We set our own barriers to success.

In this episode of REal Success, you’ll learn what is REALLY possible in real estate.

James Suarez is living proof of what is possible – he set an appointment every single day … for an entire year straight!

Can YOU imagine what your business would look like if you had a DAILY appointment?

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10X Your Business in 2017 | #TomFerryShow Episode 84

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Happy New Year!

Yes, I know, it’s still only September, but…

2017 starts NOW.

Here’s the thing … you might still be in the mindset of “finish 2016 strong”, and you should be! But in order to start the new year off with a bang, you MUST start planning now.

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The Smart Way To Manage Your Commission Checks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Stop living paycheck to paycheck!

Being a successful agent is about more than just getting those commission checks.

How you spend and save those commission checks can have a huge impact on your success in your business and at home…

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3 Questions to Attract More Listings | #TomFerryShow Episode 83

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Whenever I have a discussion with someone in the industry, whether it’s a top agent or business leader, we all come to the same conclusion…

There is such a HUGE opportunity in this market to be listing as many properties as you can (yup, even in the high end … and I’ve got a special bonus question just for you!).

But here’s the thing when it comes to scoring more listings – WHAT YOU SAY MATTERS.

In this week’s #TomFerryShow, we’re talking about the killer questions you should be asking to attract more listing opportunities.

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20 Essential Life Changing Books

I have many great memories from this past Summit, but one stands out more than the others.

Mark, a 15-year-old young man, was sitting near the front of the stage with his dad.

This young man was just a few years away from getting his real estate license and was at Summit to get a jump on the game!

He told me that he was committed to reading 30 minutes every day!

I sent him a copy of the 20 most influential books in my life and I wanted to share that same list with YOU!

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