REal Success Episode 5: How to be a Leader People Want to Follow


Tweet it out: “Leadership is nothing more than your ability to serve others at a very high level” @TomFerry

We have Bill Pipes coming at you with another powerful session of REal Success where we have real agents sharing with you real strategies and the real successes that they are having.

In this episode, it’s all about leadership, whether you’re an individual agent selling 10-20 homes or you’re an agent that is a top producer doing 200-400 transactions per years. The goal is to ultimately have a team that’s working for you, so you can take more days off and make more money.

However, what we’ve seen is that leadership is a big challenge for most of us in the real estate industry. We never developed those skills as a single agent because we are busy doing all the work. The good thing is that being a leader is something that can be learned!

For this REal Success interview, we have Dan Grieb–a realtor for 9 years who leads a mega producing team that can operate on its own! Let’s jump right into it.

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#TomFerryShow Episode 2: Innovation and Creativity


Tweet it out: “Creativity is simply the rearrangement of the old in a new way” #TomFerryShow @TomFerry

My mentor Mike Vance was Walt Disney’s right hand man in charge of ideas and people development of the Disney empire. So when Mike said to me “creativity is simply the rearrangement of the old in a new way,” I knew it was sage advice. It got me thinking, how can apply Mike’s advice to real estate and this is what I came up with:

So if I asked you “What are the areas in your business that you want to have impact on? What are the areas of your business that you want to improve efficiency, increase results, make it better, have it be a better client experience?” I have a feelings you’re going to say everything under the sun and then some. Click here to read more »




Sometimes one smart move defines an entire career – whether in sports or in real estate. A good scout or coach understands the essentials of each and how they can make or break a player.

Are you focusing on what will help you win big in the real estate game?

What do you analyze as you think on how you can improve in 2015?

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