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This Week in Marketing’s Best Social Media Strategies | 2023

Over the last year, Jason Pantana and his guests have shared SO MANY social media strategies for real estate agents on This Week in Marketing. Whether your focus is YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, and whether you’re looking for content ideas, implementation strategies, or how to drive business through DM conversations – Jason has covered it all.

That’s why for this episode, Jason has selected some highlight moments from the last year covering the best social media strategies for real estate agents to begin using now. Whatever it is you need, Jason and his Rockstar agent guests are breaking it down for you.

Watch or listen now, then share in the comments which strategies you’re going to implement in your business!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

0:00 – The best strategies for real estate social media

1:20 – Five parts of your Instagram bio

2:25 – YouTube vs. Instagram

6:10 – Instagram fro prospecting

9:31 – Three categories of video

12:32 – Spotlight voiceovers

14:56 – 5 videos for maximum mileage

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