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Driving More Business from Your Real Estate Instagram

This is something of a special episode of This Week in Marketing, not for any reason other than the incredible value it offers. If you’re running a real estate Instagram and not getting the results you want, or you can’t get past the awkwardness you feel on camera, Jason Pantana and Rockstar agent Krys Benyamein are going to show you the way.

Krys’s journey from lawyer to realtor is inspiring for anyone changing careers, but it’s the story of how he found his creative voice on real estate Instagram that shows what any agent is capable of if their mind and heart are in the right place. Jason’s interview with Krys will show you how to capture attention quicker, deliver more value, and drive more direct business from your real estate Instagram.

This is not one to miss, so watch or listen right here.

In this episode, they discuss…

0:00 – A better social strategy

2:38 – Krys’s Instagram beginnings

5:00 – From lawyer to realtor

7:50 – Becoming the knowledge broker

11:13 – Kryspy Tips

17:20 – Preparing for a shoot

20:05 – Coming up with ideas

23:13 – Where Krys is now

26:38 – How Instagram drives business

30:00 – The importance of service


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