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Squeezing Maximum Viability from Your Video Content

Marketing is a lot of work and you put a lot of work into shooting every video you put out on social. But the question is, is that video putting in as much work for you? If you’re not retargeting and repurposing video content and every other piece of content you put out there, I’d say it’s not!

In This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana is talking with Erica Wolfe of Jupiter, FL, about retargeting your Facebook ads, repurposing video content, the videos every agent needs to be making, and maximizing every bit of work you do.

This is a technical, tactical deep dive into the marketing systems you need to control your market presence in 2023. So, I recommend you watch it, right here.

In this episode we discuss…

0:00 – About Erica

2:34 – Erica’s marketing today

4:40 – Facebook for local

7:50 – Ad retargeting

11:36 – Maximizing every video

15:00 – Top videos everyone should make

19:17 – QR codes for tracking

21:42 – Every way to repurpose your content

25:34 – Always have a plan