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3 Easy Vertical Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Social media is HUNGRY for video content. It seems like every day the feeds get more and more crowded. So how is it possible for busy agents to take advantage of the unparalleled exposure that social media video can offer without spending all their time producing it? You need video ideas for real estate agents that are easy, effective, repeatable, and… yeah… vertical!

That’s exactly what Jason Pantana has in this episode of This Week in Marketing. He’s going to give you three of the easiest and most effective vertical video ideas for real estate agents looking to create more quality content in less time.

If you’re looking to maximize the ROI on the effort you spend making real estate videos, these ideas are exactly what you’ve been looking for, so watch or listen, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Better content with less effort

2:42 – Video No. 1: Talking Head

6:57 – Video No. 2: Selfie Gimbal Tour

11:52 – Video No. 3: Spotlight V.O.

14:48 – It doesn’t have to be difficult